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We began traveling full-time in May of 2007 in a 27′ travel trailer. We upgraded to a 36′ fifth wheel in May of 2008 and then began alternating our seasons between the fifth wheel and our sailboat Groovy in Mexico in January 2010. In December, 2013 we moved off our boat permanently and resumed our full-time RV travels in our fifth wheel. We have lived and traveled in our fifth wheel ever since except for occasional international excursions by plane and hotel.

We have presented an overview of our first 10 years of travel in two photo-filled articles that tell the whole story of our beautiful adventure in this crazy lifestyle. You’ll experience what we saw and see the way we grew as people from the time we ran away in our little Lynx trailer at ages 47 and 53, naive and filled with awe, until we celebrated our 10th anniversary on the road in our fifth wheel at ages 57 and 63 in May, 2017, utterly grateful for our fulfilling life and incredible dream come true.

There are links in these two posts to many of the places we visited:

We have a page dedicated to each year of travel. These contain links to every single travel blog post we have published and provide a kind of synopsis of our travels in that year. Some have photos and some simply list the links:

  • 2007-2012 – RVing in the west and southeast, adventure travel in the Caribbean and sailing in Mexico
  • 2013 – A Year of Transition away from sailing to RVing exclusively
  • 2014 – RVing in the western states (“A Year of Beauty”)
  • 2015 – RVing in the eastern states and provinces (“A Thrilling Journey East”)
  • 2016 – RVing the National Parks in America and Canada (“A Year of National Parks”)

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