RV & Marine Batteries and Battery Charging Systems

RV and marine batteries are essential electrical equipment on an RV or boat that is used for off-the-grid living, either anchored out in a bay or dry camping or boondocking in remote and wild areas. The collection of articles on this page constitutes a primer on batteries and the systems that charge them.

For starters, there’s an article explaining the pros and cons of wet cell versus AGM batteries and offering tips on how to wire them:

Wet Cell vs. AGM Batteries & Tips for Installation on an RV or Boat

Then there is a four part series on battery charging that begins by giving an overview of how multi-stage charging works in theory and in practice due to the varying natures of different kinds of charging systems. It goes on to show how multi-stage charging algorithms are implemented in these battery charging systems. Then it progresses to more advanced topics like how to optimize a solar charge controller to get the most out of the solar panel array, and what happens when you use solar power in conjunction with another battery charging system like an engine alternator (motorhomes and boats) or a converter or inverter/charger (when plugged into “shore power”):

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