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Welcome to the fun world of RV travel!! 

I have laid out the desktop version of this site with three main menu bars at the top of each page surrounding the cover photo to make it easy for you to find whatever you are looking for.

For mobile devices, these topics and article links are all in the menus as well, but not segregated into three groups.

The TOP menu bar contains all the posts from our TRAVELS.

These posts are sorted by destination under the USA-EAST, USA-WEST and CANADA menu items.  We also have an index to all of our travels to the NATIONAL PARKS. Under the ROUTE menu we have summaries of our first 10 years of travel, and links to every travel post since we started. All of our most recent blog posts are found under the LATEST menu item.

The SECOND menu bar includes everything related to RVing.

The “RVing Lifestyle” menu item brings up a page with links to all of our RV Lifestyle tips articles, including topics like our full-time RV Budget & Costs, an explanation of how RV warranties work and our personal RV extended warranty case history which begins with our trailer axle repair and goes on to include our RV refrigerator replacement, oodles of plumbing and leak repairs and an overhaul of our trailer’s suspension. There are also tips for the Full-time RV lifestyle, info about who full-time RVers typically are, and resources for working on the road, as well as tips for buying an RV. There are also tips for how to find Free RV Campsites and Boondock, how to get great Dental Care in Mexico, and more.

The “Tech Tips” menu item brings up a page with links to all of our technical and RV tech tip articles, including big upgrades we’ve done on our trailer like Solar Power and our trailer’s disc brake conversion and our Vent-Free Propane Heater, as well as our first diesel truck engine’s Edge Tuner to give us a power boost in the mountains and our option requirements for our second diesel truck. There are also tips for choosing a full-time trailer and for getting your first trailer.

You’ll find loads of info about RV batteries and how to keep them charged up as well as pointers for how we learned Photography and some innovative ideas for how to create storage space in your RV, and defrost your fridge, how to stay warm in the winter and deal with snowstorms and heat an RV at high elevations and how to stay cool in the summer, even without hookups. There are also tips for changing the inner rear tire of a dually truck and add DEF fluid and a peak at replacing an RV toilet.

There are lots of RV Tips & Tricks for making life in the rig a little easier, some RV Dump tips including tips for women at the RV dump station and insights into various RV sewer system solutions including dealing with hard water, a description of how we access the internet in our off-the-grid lifestyle, and other tips like trailer suspension repair and reviews of a boat, kayak and a search light and pocket flashlights we’ve relied on too.

And our Blogroll & More menu item showcases some of the best RV blogs on the web.

The THIRD menu bar includes practical things related to us and this website.

Here you can Contact Us and Subscribe to our email newsletter or RSS feed and search the website.  The Press Room has links to many of the feature articles and cover photos we have published in the major RVing magazines. You can also Order from Amazon. Why would you do that? Well, this website is a labor of love, but we incur a lot of costs. What happens when you use that link instead of getting to Amazon some other way is that anything you put in your shopping cart right after clicking that link gives us a small commission at no cost to you, no matter what you buy or when you finalize your purchase. Thank you!!

Lastly, have a look at our Gear Store link.  Here you will see many of the little things we have found useful in our day-to-day life in our RV that you wouldn’t necessarily think of or find at Camping World.  Hopefully some of the items in there will give you ideas of what you might need as you prepare for your RV travels.

Thank you for stopping by, and happy reading!

— Emily

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