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Sailing Mexico is a blast, and for most sailors the cruise starts and ends with a voyage along the Pacific Coast of Baja Mexico. Heading south at the start is easy, with wind and waves behind you. Going back north at the end of the cruise can be treacherous, and you have to time your voyage carefully. This page of our sailing blog lists the links that tell our story or our journeys down and then back up the Pacific Coast of Baja Mexico.

Sailing Mexico - Pacific Coast of Baja Mexico - Sailing blog posts

Anchorages between San Diego & Cabo.

We sailed Mexico from 2010 to 2013, and our cruise began on the Pacific coast of Baja Mexico.  In the first half of 2010 we lived in our sailboat at Marina Coral & Hotel in Ensenada, Mexico, just 70 miles south of San Diego while we outfitted our boat for cruising. In the fall of 2010 we sailed down the Pacific coast of Baja Mexico to Cabo San Lucas.

From there we jumped across the Sea of Cortez and began sailing Mexico’s mainland coast. In the winters of 2011-2013 we continued our Mexico sailing cruise along the coast, anchoring along the northern Pacific coast, the southern Pacific coast and venturing inland to see fabulous Mayan ruins, colonials cities and eco-tourism destinations while keeping our boat in marinas and at anchor in Chiapas, Huatulco and Zihuatanejo..

To see where these destinations are on a map, check out our Maps of Mexico’s Popular Anchorages. If you are considering sailing Mexico’s Pacific coast and/or Sea of Cortez, have a look at these pages of our sailing blog:

Mexico sailing is a blast, and the Pacific coast of Baja Mexico is often overlooked in cruisers’ enthusiasm to get south quick. Most of these posts are about our 6 month stay in Ensenada. To read about our voyage south from San Diego to Cabo, the true beginning of our tropical Mexico cruise 9 months later, start with this sailing blog post near the bottom of the list: Pacific Baja – A Voyage South.

If you are thinking about the daunting task of sailing back north from Cabo San Lucas / La Paz to the US or beyond, our Baja Bash was a lively nine day romp, and the story is told in two parts:

We have created nearly four hours of video describing the anchorages in Pacific Mexico and outlining the climate, weather patterns, navigational tactics and more, in our series “Cruising Mexico Off the Beaten Path” which is available as a DVD or video download at this link.

The anchorages along the Pacific Coast of the Baja peninsula are described in the first video, “Ensenada and the Northern Pacific Coast,” along with strategies for getting south and what to do after you arrive in Cabo.

The following list is all of our blog posts from the beginning and end of our sailing cruise of Mexico as we outfitted our boat in Ensenada, sailed south to Cabo San Lucas and did the Baja Bash north three years later. To locate the blog posts from the rest of our cruise (south to the Guatemala border and into the Sea of Cortez), see the MEXICO menu above or consult these links below.

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To see the links to our sailing blog posts in every region of Mexico, check out these summary pages (you can also find them all under MEXICO  in the menu bar at the top of each page):

To follow our sailing travels chronologically, see Our Cruise (cruising links only) or the Route page (cruising and RVing).


To help you plan your cruise and get you inspired, we created the video series, "Cruising Mexico Off the Beaten Path - Volumes 1-3," shown below. This is a fun-to-watch and easy-to-digest introduction to Mexico from a cruiser's perspective, giving you lots of valuable information that isn't covered by the cruising guides. Each video is available individually at Amazon, either as a DVD or as a download. For discount package pricing on the whole series, visit our page Cruising Mexico Video Series.

Volume 1 reviews the geography, weather and seasons in Mexico and shows you what the best anchorages between Ensenada and Manzanillo are like.

Volume 2 gives detailed info that can't be found in any of the guidebooks about the glorious cruising ground between Manzanillo and the Guatemala border.

Volume 3 (right) provides all the info you need to get off the boat for an adventure-filled trip to Oaxaca.

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