Utah Scenic Byway 12 RV Trip – Driving An All American Road!

September 2016 – One of America’s most dramatic and beautiful scenic drives goes between Bryce Canyon National Park and Capitol Reef National Park in Utah.

Scenic Byway 12 Utah RV trip

Utah’s Scenic Byway 12 is an All American Road

Classified as an All American Road by the (now defunct) National Scenic Byways Program, this drive is an awe-inspring drive through 123 miles of the most spectacular scenery anywhere.

RV trip Scenic Byway 12 Utah


We began our drive just outside Bryce Canyon National Park and drove between towering sandstone walls that rippled in whites, greys, and pinks.

RV Utah Scenic Byway 12


At the beginning of the drive we passed farmland and ranches that stretched across the vast landscape to cliffs in the distance.

Farmhouse on Scenic Byway 12 Utah


Occasionally a cow standing by the side of the road watched us pass.

Cow on Scenic Byway 12 Utah


Soon, the ranch land gave way to exotic red rock formations that rose up on either side of us.

Red rocks on Scenic Byway 12 Utah RV trip


The road climbed and fell and swooped this way and that in big wide bends and tight hairpin turns.

Red rocks RV trip Scenic Byway 12 Utah


There wasn’t a lot of traffic, as this road goes between tiny communities in a vast area. Many of the vehicles on the road were RVs.

RV motorhome on Utah Scenic Byway 12


But this drive isn’t for the faint of heart or for RVs that are underpowered. One of the climbs we did was a 14% grade! We stopped at the top to get a photo of the sign for cars and trucks that were starting the descent.

14 percent grade Utah Scenic Byway 12

Utah Scenic Byway 12 is not for the faint of heart or for underpowered RVs.

Last year, we upgraded to a more powerful truck just so we could tow our 14,100 lb. trailer on roads like this and climb double digit grades without worrying about whether the truck could handle it.

RVing Utah Scenic Byway 12 in the red rocks


As we had hoped, the truck didn’t even flinch even once on this stunning scenic drive. Lighter on their feet, lots of motorcycles were having a blast!

Motorcycle Utah Scenic Byway 12 RV trip

Scenic Byway 12 in Utah.

This would also be a stunning road for riding a bicycle, and we saw a van from Trek Tours providing sag support to their riders.

Trek Bike Tour Scenic Byway 12 Utah


The patterns of colors on the red rocks were just gorgeous, and we stopped many times to look out across the incredible landscape and soak it all in.

RV motorhome Utah Scenic Byway 12 red rocks


RVing Scenic Byway 12


We had driven this route years ago with our popup tent trailer, but this is a road that is worth driving many times. Such views!!

RVing Utah Scenic Byway 12


Red rocks Motorhome RV trip Utah Scenic Byway 12


There are many things to see and do along the way on Utah’s Scenic Byway 12. Kodachrome Basin State Park, which was named for the film because the colors are so magnificent, is a true highlight.

RV motorhome Utah Scenic Byway 12


We didn’t stop at Kodachrome Basin State Park this time, but we did the jaw-dropping Burr Trail drive, which we’ll share in an upcoming blog post.

Motorhome Scenic Byway 12 Utah RV trip

Don’t miss Utah’s Scenic Byway 12 in your RV travels!!

We also hiked to the majestic Lower Calf Creek Falls, which we’ll share soon too (smile).

RV motorhome Utah Scenic Byway 12 road trip


But for RVers who don’t have the time to make any stops on Utah’s Scenic Byway 12, the road itself is so breathtaking that it is well worth a detour to experience.

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8 thoughts on “Utah Scenic Byway 12 RV Trip – Driving An All American Road!

  1. I drove Rt. 12 as part of a four-month cross-countries (U.S. and Canada) trip this summer. I still think it was the most spectacular part of my trip, and that’s saying something (among others, I also drove the Beartooth Highway on this trip — and U.S. 12 was more beautiful, and not nearly as scary).

  2. Who drove our 45-foot coach on that most twisted and steep part of Rt. 12 from Torrey to Bryce, Utah? *This* girl! And I got a honk and a thumbs up from the car following us. 😉 One of the top scenic byways in the country, for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I would like to say how pleased I am that I came across your site, the information and beautiful pictures that you are sharing with RV folks and those of us that are not RV owners yet is priceless. My wife and I have traveled all over this beautiful country for twenty years on our motorcycle and in the mini van before our daughter was grown and we both agree that Southern Utah is our favorite place. Two years till retirement and we’re thinking that the full time RV life may be for us. A nice motor home with the motorcycle in tow just might be the ticket!

  4. I want to take my husband to a place my sister and I found. Can’t remember name. Long gallery of picto/petroglyphs above slick red rock slope, creek below, not hard to get to. Help???


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