Texas RV Travel Destinations

During our first two years of full-time RV travel, in 2007 and 2008, we criss-crossed Texas several times as we scooted across the bottom of the country on I-10 between the western states and the eastern states.

It wasn’t until the winter of 2015, however, that we explored Texas’s many wonders, especially exotic Big Bend National Park down south on the border between Texas and Mexico. This is an enormous and extremely varied national park, with forested mountain hiking, desert red rock hiking and the famous Rio Grande. What’s better, there are two unique communities just outside the park that are worthy of a daytrip — Boquillas del Carmen, a village in Mexico, and the “ghost town” of Terlingua.

East of Big Bend, we found some extraordinarily beautiful caves and the national headquarters of the Escapees RV Club, two very worthwhile excursions, and along the way we bumped into the manufacturing plant for tiny Casita Travel Trailers!



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