Big Bend Bound – To Texas!!

We’ve been in Texas for a few days, and she has shown us all her colors, in the great big flamboyant way that makes Texas Texas! It’s been roasting hot, fearsomely cold, cloudy, sunny and pouring rain. We even had sleet, and last night we got hail.

We’ve arrived in Big Bend and may disappear into the vastness for a while. It’s a great big beautiful world out here!! Here are some pics from the road in…

Alpine Texas Cow Dog RV

I’m not sure exactly what a “cow dog” is but you can get them on a bun from this rig in Alpine Texas!

Rainbow over our fifth wheel trailer RV in Alpine Texas

A rainbow after the deluge of rain, hail and sleet!

Windmill and barn in Big Bend Texas

Windmill and barn in Big Bend Texas

Blue bonnets in Big Bend Texas

The blue bonnets are in bloom!

Birthday Beer from Shiner Texas

Shiner Brewery (from Shiner Texas) brewed me some
birthday beer — thanks!

Alien Ale from Roswell New Mexico

Mark found himself some Alien Ale in Roswell New Mexico (site of a spaceship landing in 1947)

Blue bonnets in bloom in Big Bend Texas

Delicate and wild…

Mexican style Window in Big Bend Texas

Hints of Mexico…

First glimpse of Big Bend Texas with our RV

Our first glimpse of Big Bend, Texas

We’ve got lots of travel posts to share from these recent busy weeks, with great shots of sandhill cranes and aliens (the extra-terrestrial kind). Plus I’ve got 90% of a post written about our new Edge Tuner that has turned our truck from ordinary to extraordinary. But we may be away from the internet and playing outside for a while, so all that stuff may just have to wait!!

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5 thoughts on “Big Bend Bound – To Texas!!

  1. Thanks for sharing. Your smiles say it all. Happy Birthday, have fun with your alien!
    We are sitting here having coffee in front of the wood burner, watching the snow fall and planning to grow up to be just like you two.
    Thanks for giving us a window into your lives. Nothing great happens without inspiration and perspiration. Enjoying going even deeper!

    Steve & Kelli

    “Nothing important comes with instructions”
    james richardson

    • Cozy moments in front of a wood stove with snow falling outside are very special. Enjoy this peaceful Sunday morning!! There are a million ways to live a life, and each one is special in its own way. We are extremely grateful to be doing what we’re doing these days, but I also have treasured memories of huddling in front of my wood stove, splitting wood, and feeling my cheeks burn as I came inside from a blizzard. Life, in all its crazy forms, is precious!!


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