Georgia RV Travel Destinations

We took our RV to Georgia for the first time in the spring of 2015 as we traveled north from Florida towards North Carolina. We fell in love with the graceful old antebellum mansions in the charming small towns along the Antebellum Trail, and we especially enjoyed the warm welcome we received from the locals. Southern hospitality is alive and well!



6 thoughts on “Georgia RV Travel Destinations

  1. Please let people know that they are welcomed here at our ranch. If they are traveling from Florida or going to Florida on 441, we are just 3.5 miles south of Homerville Georgia, Our sign on 441 welcomes boondockers to (Big Mikes ranch). The boondockers that have stopped here have been great. I know more people would like to rest here if they just knew about us. Our phone number is 912 4873661.

  2. Hey guys! My name is Wynn and I live in Charleston SC. (If you’ve never been to Charleston you REALLY need to come and visit!) I recently stumbled across your website here and I am amazed at the amount of info you guys provide for people to learn from. What a great resource! My wife and I are in the early stages of planning a potential move into an RV in about 12 months to take our kiddos across the country to see and learn all about the USA. We are only planning to travel for about 12-14 months cause our kids are young and will have to be put in school in a stable environment at some point. Anyway, I just saw where ya’ll were in GA back in 2015 in Madison GA. I was born and raised in Greensboro GA just 15 or so miles from Madison. My parents have an incredible B&B that dad renovated back in 2010 (the home that I grew up in) right on Main Street called “Goodwin Manor.” If you’re ever in GA again please plan on stopping by. My parents love new guest!
    I may be contacting you again soon about more info about equipping an RV with solar power. If we decide to do this we will definitely want to stay in more parks and boondock vs RV camps. But, we’re still a little ways off from pulling the trigger. Anyway, thank you for your encyclopedia of information here. Rest assured, folks are gaining a whole lot of wisdom and training from what you guys are doing and sharing. So thank you. Safe travels!!!

    • Thank you for you kind and grateful words. We sure appreciate that! We loved our visit to Georgia a few years back and will definitely check out Goodwin Manor if we get to Greensboro. How nice to have a personal contact! Taking your kids on a cross-country adventure would be a fabulous experience for all of you. Have fun planning it and putting it together, and have a blast camping and sightseeing out west!


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