New Mexico RV Travel Destinations

We have dashed through New Mexico in our RV travels several times: first at the very outset of our new-found traveling lifestyle in 2007, then again for a brief visit to the exotic Bisti Badlands in 2012 and once again to see White Sands National Monument, Roswell and City of Rocks in 2015. 

In 2017 we wandered through the northern half of New Mexico at a much more leisurely pacing, revisiting Bisti Badlands and then exploring the ancient ruins at Aztec Ruins and Bandelier National Monuments and slithering through the slot canyon at Tent Rocks National Monument.

In very our first week on the road in our new full-time RV lifestyle, after we picked up our brand new travel trailer in Dallas, we crossed New Mexico on our way to the west coast.  We were new to RVing, new to full-time travel, new to photography, and new to writing about our travels on a website. Our “Just Started and In a Hurry” post is our very first travel post on this blog!