New Mexico – Just Started and In a Hurry!

Lincoln, New Mexico

Thick adobe walls

Thick adobe walls

We stopped for coffee at Calamity Jane's

Inside we met an unusual local man who makes

dreamcatchers out of horseshoes and the discarded

feathers from his friend's macaw.

The dreamcatchers were clever.  He

offered one to me, but I realized that if I

started collecting all the wonderful things I

found on my travels, our little buggy would

soon be stuffed to overflowing and would

exceed its maximum weight rating (GVWR)

of 7,300 lbs.

The roads in New Mexico stretched straight and narrow to

the horizon ahead of us.  We felt alone in the world.

Suddenly rows of satellite radios appeared in the vast lands

on either side of us.  Are we truly alone?

Is anybody out there?

New Mexico

After picking up our Lynx trailer at Marshall's RV in Dallas, Texas in May, 2007, we traveled

west through New Mexico..  We took a less-traveled route on roads between I-40 and I-10 and

discovered the charming historic community of Lincoln.  This town is filled with old adobe

homes that have thick walls.  You can see how thick the walls are in the doorways and


This was our first boondocking experience.  We parked in a

pullout by the side of the road and slept soundly.  There

wasn't a soul on the road after dark.  When we awoke in the

morning we strolled through the charming town.  Our

cameras were very busy trying to capture the beauty of this

stop, and then we jumped in the truck and continued

westward for California.

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