Gulf Islands National Seashore – Florida’s Emerald Coast!

March, 2015 — After a wonderful visit at the Escapees RV Club headquarters in Livingston, Texas, we huslted east on I-10, enjoying several really fun stops at the interstate rest areas along the way. We had endured more rain and crummy weather in the last few weeks in Texas than we had experienced anywhere in years, so the gorgeous sunshine that greeted us in Florida was especially welcome.

Dawn on Pensacola Beach in Florida

The beach at dawn — bliss!

Pensacola Beach and the Gulf Island National Seashore on Florida’s Emerald Coast are just gorgeous, with white sand and water the color of jade stretching for miles and miles.

Girl plays on Pensacola Beach in Florida

Pink bathing suits, sand castles and aquamarine water — what could be better?

We were told that we had arrived on the first really great days of the season, and everyone was out enjoying the beautiful weather. It was spring break, and kids were everywhere, playing frisbee, suntanning, flirthing and hanging out.

Kids play ball on Pensacola Beach in Florida

Play ball! Spring break in Florida!

Even the seagulls seemed to be getting into the playful spirit.

Seagull flies over Pensacola Beach in Florida

Checking out the beach scene from above!

Seagulls on the beach in Florida

“It wasn’t us!”

There is a paved path that goes along the Gulf Islands National Seashore for miles and miles, and we took our bikes out for a spin along the coast.

Riding bicycle on Gulf Islands National Seashore Florida

There are many miles of paved bike paths along the Gulf Island National Seashore.

The paved bike path parallels the Gulf Island National Seashore road, so you can walk, run, bike, drive or ride a motorcycle along this beautiful scenic drive.

Bicycle on white sand Gulf Islands National Seashore Florida

It’s like biking in a sugar bowl!

The sand in this part of Florida is blindingly white and sugary soft. Birds and other creatures leave tracks all over the place. We saw the tiny footprints of little sandpipers, the webbed tracings from gulls, and the huge footprints left by large herons.

Bird tracks in white sand Gulf Islands National Seashore Florida

Little birds leave tracks of all kinds in the sand.

And we also saw the birds themselves…

Seagull Gulf Islands National Seashore Florida


But it was the color of the water that just plain knocked us out. Wow!!

Gulf Islands National Seashore Florida

The Gulf Islands National Seashore on the Emerald Coast

There were loads of pretty seashells too.

Seashells in white sand Gulf Islands National Seashore Florida

Pretty seashells were strewn about.

This was all such a delight and such a huge change after the vast, inland landscapes of Big Bend Texas and the piney woods in east Texas. We were loving being on the coast again.

Happy Campers on the Florida Gulf Islands National Seashore

Happy campers!

As we were riding back from the Gulf Islands National Seashore to Pensacola Beach, we came across an outdoor bar in front of a resort. The bar tender had blenders lined up to make yummy frozen drinks. What a place!

Outdoor bar Pensacola Beach Florida

This is the land of Vacations and Parties!!

This whole area is totally geared towards tourists and beach life, and it was so great to change gears completely and get swept up into beach vacation mode.

Hot crabs and cold beer sign Florida

Get it here…!

Windsurfing on Pensacola Beach Florida

We were told we’d arrived on the first real beach day of the season.

Little girl on the beach in Florida

Is there anything better than a sunny day on the beach?

We breathed deep, walked the beach, and unwound for a few days.

Pink lilly flowers

I love the beach because there is always something going on, and sure enough, one day when we went to the beach we watched a fisherman reel in a shark, then two young gals in bikinis walked by with large snakes wrapped around their necks!

Colorful umbrella on Florida beach

The sunshine and colors were a true feast for the eyes after all that rain in Texas.

The funny cries of the laughing gulls filled the air and the sunsets and sunrises were exquisite.

Seagulls flying over people on Florida beach

Even the gulls were having a good time.

Seagull flying into camera

These guys laugh and laugh and laugh.

It had been a long hike to get from Texas to Florida, but we both agreed these wonderful beach days were well worth the drive!

Sunset at Pensacola Beach Florida

The colors at sunset and sunrise were beautiful.

RV at sunset

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  1. Florida has long been one of my favorite places to visit. Can’t wait to head that way again and sink my toes in the sand, swim to my heart’s content and feed the birds. What a great respite from the rain! Have you tried their food tours?


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