Sharks and Snakes on the Beach in Florida!

We’ve been enjoying the Florida’s Emerald Coast (on the Gulf Coast in the panhandle) for the past few days. This coast got it’s name because of the brilliant green water that laps the shores of the exquisite white sand beaches. As each wave curls over, the crystal clear water shimmers in vivid shades of green.

Emerald waves on Florida's Emerald Coast

Glistening aquamarine waves on Florida’s Emerald Coast.

I love beaches, and perhaps my favorite thing about them is that you never know what you’ll see when you go out for a stroll on the sand… We’ve seen little birds scampering along the edges of the waves, playing “catch me if you can” with the endless rollers.

Twin seagulls on a white sand Florida beach


We’ve seen happy beach-goers sunning themselves on beach towels and relaxing under colorful umbrellas.

Couple with beach umbrella on Gulf of Mexico Florida

A nice spot to sit for a spell…!

But these images are all to be expected when you go to the beach. What a surprise it was to look up at one point and see a guy barelling down the road next to the beach on a unicycle!

Unicycle commute to work in Florida beach

What a great way to commute!

Beautiful girls in bikinis walking the beach are not a surprise to see, especially during Spring Break. But our eyes bugged out when two girls approached us with something strange looped around their necks.

Two girls with snakes on Florida Gulf coast beach

Is that what I think it is??

Wait, can I see that a little closer?

Python and bikini


Holy Cow!! I didn’t know what to say when they told me they were taking their snakes for a walk.

701 Boa constrictor and bikini

He stuck his tongue out at me!

The lighter colored snake was an albino red tail boa constrictor that was just seven months old and would one day be 12 feet long (yikes!). The darker one was a python that was already full grown. Good heavenly days!!

Another day when we went down to the beach for sunset shots we saw a guy out fishing.

Fishing on a Gulf of Mexico beach in Florida

A fisherman tries his luck on the shore.

He seemed to have something on the line. And it seemed pretty big! But what could be that big? “A manta ray,” was the rumor I heard from his friends who were watching. They had all seen a huge manta ray earlier in the day.

Catching a big fish on a Florida beach

Wow… it looks like he’s got something!

But then we all noticed that dinstinctive dorsal fin. This fish was NOT a manta ray…

Shark fin in the water in northern Florida

Ummm… is that what I think it is??

The fisherman struggled to reel it in!

Fisherman pullling in a shark on a Florida beach

That fish does NOT want to end up on the beach.

Then he finally managed to bring it onto the beach.


Fisherman pulls shark onto Florida beach

Got him — and no doubt, this is a SHARK!!

He worked really hard to get the hook out of the shark’s mouth. It took him several tries…

Removing a fishing hook from a shark in Florida

Getting the hook out of his mouth was a challenge.

But then he finally got the hook out and turned the shark to face out towards the open ocean. He didn’t have a tape measure, but he estimated the shark was a little over 7 feet long. Good grief! Mark had been swimming out there just a few hours earlier!!

Releasing a shark back into the Gulf of Mexico Florida

He’s aimed towards the open ocean and set free again.

And then the sun began to set with beautiful peach colored skies reflecting in the wet sand — another lovely sighting here on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Sunset on the beach in Florida

The end of another beautiful day in Florida

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2 thoughts on “Sharks and Snakes on the Beach in Florida!

    • It was amazing to see the shark whipping his body around on the beach. He could definitely do some damage!! The fisherman’s family kept a close eye their little boy. But they explained to me that sharks are mostly out at dawn and dusk — feeding time — and that you’ll be hard pressed to see them midday…


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