Beauty in the Mist – Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, Maine

June 2015 – There’s an old saying in New England that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute. Well, so it was for us during our RV travels in northern Maine. For the most part, we were blessed with wonderfully sunny and warm weather as we explored Acadia National Park and its Carriage Roads, but we woke up one morning to total fog and drippiness.

Lobster boats in fog in Maine

A foggy morning in Maine

Luckily, coastal Maine is one of those places that has its own special beauty when the sky is grey. There’s a mysteriousness to the fog that sweeps across the harbors. We had enjoyed the Schoodic scenic drive east of Mt. Desert Island so much that we decided to take a drive down the western lobe of the island to check out Southwest Harbor and Bass Harbor, despite the wet weather.

Fog Southwest Harbor Maine

The fog was thick, but the seagulls didn’t mind.

Seagull in the mist and fog in Maine

This guy’s no stranger to drippy weather!

Lovely Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse is featured on lots of Maine tourist literature and calendars, and we scrambled out on the rocks to have a look at it. The granite boulders were fairly slick in the drizzling rain, but there were still quite a few people out lighthouse-peeping along with us.

Climbing on the rocks at Bass Harbor Lighthouse Mt. Desert Island Maine

Scrambling around the rocks at Bass Harbor Head Light.

We had to climb out on the rocks pretty far to get a good view of the lighthouse, but it was well worth the slipping and sliding!

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse Penobscot Bay Maine

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse

Mark was totally in his element taking photos in front of me, and he was very cute in his yellow fisherman’s hat. Funny thing is that we bought two of those hats for our cruise in Mexico but had occasion to wear them only once for about 10 minutes! It just doesn’t rain very often in Pacific Mexico. However, since we’ve been RVing in the east, they have come in very handy and we’ve worn them quite a few times!

Taking photos of Bass Harbor Lighthouse Mt. Desert Island Maine

Even though it was drizzling our cameras didn’t stop!

Bass Harbor Lighthouse Maine

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse

The short trail that goes out to the Bass Harbor Lighthouse meanders through the woods, and on our way back we got waylaid by the prettiness of this little bit of forest. I just loved the thick carpet of soft moss that surrounded some of the trees.

Moss in the woods Bass Harbor Lighthouse trail Maine

We found wonderfully soft and velvety moss along the trail to the lighthous.

Raindrops covered all the leaves on every bush, and each leaf looked like it was covered with glistening jewels.

Diamond raindrops on leaves_

All the leaves were decked out in their finest jewelry.

Raindrops on leaves Maine

Raindrops created little pearls of all sizes

Raindrops on a leaf in the woods

A line of precious gems on a small leaf in the woods

The fog lay heavy on everything, and as we wandered back into Bass Harbor, a soft haze hovered over the fields of wild lupine flowers.

Wild lupine in the fog Mt. Desert Island Maine

The wild lupine looked lovely in the mist.

We stopped to enjoy the misty beauty, and when we looked at the purple flowers up close, we saw that each one was filled with tiny diamonds!

Jewel raindrops on lupine flower Maine coast

Glittering diamonds on a wild lupine – even on top!

There wasn’t a lot of action on the waterfront. It just wasn’t a day that encouraged people to play outdoors.

Low tide at Southwest Harbor Maine

A rainy day down on the docks still has its color

But there was a peacefulness in the air.

Fog at a dock in Maine

The fog got so thick at times that everything in the distance disappeared.

This is another side of Maine — cold and damp…and a little bit dreamy too.

Foggy day at Bass Harbor Maine

Things were very quiet on the docks.

Foggy dinghy dock Bass Harbor Maine


When you go RVing in Maine and get a day of bad weather, spend a little time on the shore and experience Maine’s mystical side…!

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  1. Your photos are so gorgeous! The misty day makes for some very artistic captures — love the dewdrops on the lupine. I like your spirit of adventure, getting out and enjoying the day, no matter what the weather. We do the same. 🙂


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