Broken Arrow Trail in Sedona, AZ – What a Hike!

May 2019 – One of the most popular trails in Sedona, Arizona, is the Broken Arrow Trail. There are actually two trails called Broken Arrow that run more or less parallel to each other: a narrow path for hikers and mountain bikers and a wide 4×4 jeep road for motorized vehicles.

Broken Arrow Trail Hike and Jeep tour in Sedona Arizona-min

Broken Arrow Trail in Sedona, Arizona, is great for hiking, biking, horseback riding and motorized buggies too!

We set out early in the morning and the light was beautifully filtered through the trees.

Early morning light hiking Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona-min

Shafts of light fill our view in the early morning.

Lovely wildflowers were blooming.

Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona early morning puppy hike in wildflowers-min

Buddy pauses in the wildflowers

Wildflower in Sedona Arizona-min

Such a rich color, and so delicate too!

After a brief section going through the woods and climbing a little, the views began to open up in spectacular fashion.

Hiking Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona_-min

A short climb through the woods brought us to some breathtaking views.

Hike Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona-min


The hiking trail and the jeep road criss-cross every so often, and when we climbed up on a plateau we could see a side-by-side down below.

UTV on Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona Views-min

Which is more fun, a buggy ride or a hike? Undoubtedly best to do both!

But at this early hour the hiking trail was quiet and we enjoyed the wonderful peace and serenity of being by ourselves in the woods greeted by happily chirping birds as we walked.

Hiking Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona-min


Sedona’s hiking trails are incredible because you never have to walk very far to get an eye-popping view, and this trail was full of them.

Views on hiking Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona-min

Views, views, views!

hiking Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona Views-min

I’m not sure if Buddy was more captivated by the views or the lizards!

Puppy hiking Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona-min


The rising sun warmed the rocks and we breathed deeply in the soft air. Sedona is beloved by everyone who goes there, and mystics and psychics have been drawn to it for a long time. They feel a spiritual power in the red rocks, and no wonder. It is easy to feel a deep connection to life and nature while soaking in these sublime views.

View on Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona-min


Posing puppy Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona_-min

Does our little companion feel the power of the vortex?

Dramatic red rocks Broken Arrow Trail hike Sedona Arizona-min

Nature’s skyscrapers!

As the morning progressed we saw a few mountain bikers go by.

Mountain bike on Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona_-min

We shared our hike with a few cyclists. It’s a memorable trail no matter how you do it!

Broken Arrow is one of the top jeep destinations in the Sedona area, and before long the first Pink Jeep Tour of the day showed up.

Pink Jeep Tour Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona-min

A Pink Jeep rolled into view.

The drivers love to give the passengers a few thrills along the way, and we watched several pink jeeps come out of the woods and then climb over the wide rocks at crazy angles. The passengers whooped and hollered the whole while.

One driver yelled to his passengers, “It’s my first day. I don’t really know what I’m doing!” as he swerved all over the place on the flat rocks.

Pink Jeep Tour Sedona Arizona-min

The drivers are all great entertainers and they love to give their passengers a thrill.

Pink Jeep Tour Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona-min

What a fun way to experience the Broken Arrow Trail!

Of course, there are stunning red rock hikes all over several western states, but what impresses me about Sedona is how the residential communities and the hiking trails have somehow managed to blend into each other without one treading on the other too much.

View from hiking trail Sedona Arizona-min

Even with homes so close to the trails, we found each hike to be a total immersion in nature.

There are multi-million dollar homes tucked right up against the trails and some trailheads are down neighborhood roads. Those lucky folks can walk out their back door onto a world class hiking trail every morning. Yet while you’re on the trail, the busy world falls away, especially if you join the rising sun and commune with the waking animals at an early hour!

Unusual plant Sedona Arizona-min


You could spend many months in the Sedona area and hike three to five miles every day and still not tick all the trails off your list. We loved our stay this year and were fortunate that the spring of 2019 was a cool one in Arizona so we could relish this gorgeous landscape a little longer than normal!

In the Light Broken Arrow Trail Sedona Arizona-min

Broken Arrow is a gorgeous trail. But, then, every trail in Sedona is gorgeous!

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16 thoughts on “Broken Arrow Trail in Sedona, AZ – What a Hike!

  1. My dogs also always RV with me, and I enjoy the photos of Buddy exploring and hunting. But given some of the places you hike, how are you not concerned about a coyote or other wildlife having a little canine cuisine?

    • How wonderful that your dogs get to RV with you, Chuck. The dangers of nature for a small dog are a huge concern for us. Coyotes, rattlesnakes and crazy people driving waaaay too fast on small backwoods dirt roads are all very frightening. We have worked with Buddy a lot to stay close by and come when called. That won’t necessarily save him, given that coyotes hunt in groups and are just as smart as he is, but he has developed a certain savvy in the outdoors because he is out in it all day every day. I watched him cautiously staring at a bush, creeping in and backing off but keeping a good distance the whole time. Curious what was bothering him, I stepped closer and instantly heard the distinctive rattle of a rattlesnake. I never saw it, but he knew it was there and knew it was dangerous and not to get too close. We hope and pray for the best and protect him as best we can, but want him to experience a full dog life too.

  2. Stunning country, Emily, Mark…and Buddy. Fondly remember our visit to Red Rock country…many moons ago. Does Buddy ever catch the lizards…or is it just the thrill of the chase ?

    • I think of you so often when we’re in the red rocks here and how much you enjoyed the scenery. Buddy loves the chase, but it takes a lot of patience, speed and agility to catch one. Every so often he pulls it off. Sometimes they play dead and then scamper away when he loses interest!

  3. Emily,
    Yet another stunning part of our country we need to visit. Beautiful photos. As always, Puppy Chow seems to be in his element. One lucky dog! 😉

    • It’s a dog’s life for Buddy, and what a great one it is! Sedona is not to be missed…and don’t worry, our bucket list gets longer with every passing month too…there’s just so much to see in our beautiful world!

  4. We leave tomorrow for a summer of adventure in Idaho’s beautiful mountains – in our Hitchhiker – and with Tex, our pup! Thanks for sharing your adventures and amazing photography!

  5. I thought of you guys this morning as I waited for my turn in the barber’s chair. There was an outdoor show on the TVs in the waiting area. The volume was down, but it was a story about a high country adventure in the southern part of Montana. Several Razors carried the adventurous group through some very beautiful scenic areas. At the highest altitudes they came upon a dusting of snow and also some wild horses. The scenery was stunning! I couldn’t help but picture some of your great photos and remember pieces of the stories you have shared with your loyal tag-a-longs. I was delighted to come home and enjoy another episode of “Roads Less Traveled”. I look forward to the next trip. Thanks again for such quality work and for sharing all of your adventures! Jeff

    • Oh my, Jeff, thank you so much for the compliments and for thinking of us this morning. That sounds like a really cool TV show and sounds like a place we’ve got to check out! We can’t wait to get into the mountains with the RZR. It was the trails we saw last summer and the summer before in Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana that gave us the idea to take the plunge and buy a side-by-side. Those alpine landscapes are just stunning and the trails seem to go on forever. Thank you for joining us via the internet and especially for your warm enthusiasm for online efforts!!

  6. As usual, very lovely photos. We used to live near here, and alas, as it is when living near a place we did not get out and explore it as much as you two have. We will go back!! Thank you.

    • Isn’t it crazy how you don’t explore your own backyard?! We’ve done the same in the past and feel so fortunate now to have only temporary backyards which keep us out exploring all the time. Enjoy Sedona when you return, Laura!

    • Thanks, Annie! There’s nothing like setting the alarm clock for an insane hour and hitting the trail at 6:00 a.m. — not too many folks want to do that, so the trail is almost guaranteed to be quiet!

  7. This is one of our favorite trails. After Chicken Point we continue on and go pass the Chapel of the Holy Cross and loop back to the parking lot.


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