Maine’s Pretty Acadia National Park in Motorhome Magazine!

Last summer we enjoyed a fabulous RV trip to the eastern states, and one of the highlights was Acadia National Park in Maine. We are very proud that the September 2016 issue Motorhome Magazine features our article about this beautiful oceanfront National Park: Maine Course: Acadia National Park Offers Beauty and History Off the Beaten Path.

Motorhome Magazine Acadia National Park Maine Article by Emily Fagan

Motorhome Magazine September 2016 Issue
Article: Emily Fagan, Photos: Emily & Mark Fagan

Acadia National Park was the first Eastern National Park to be established, back in July, 1916. The Park takes up much of Mt. Desert Island on the northern Maine coast. Very close to the Park entrance lies the small, upscale town of Bar Harbor.

Bar Harbor Maine

Bar Harbor is a trendy and charming town on Mt. Desert Island near the entrance to Acadia National Park

There are boutiques and tourist shops of all kinds and a pretty waterfront walking path where you can take in the views.

Bar Harbor Maine

Bar Harbor has lots of boutiques and tourist shops.

While Bar Harbor is where the human action is on Mt. Desert Island, the gorgeous scenic drive along Acadia National Park’s craggy coast is where Nature reins supreme.

Pink granite boulders on the Acadia National Park shore

Maine’s coast is all craggy granite boulders that lead to the sea.

The beautiful granite slabs and boulders make for some really fun (and easy) scrambling, and there are a number of sights and hiking trails on this very quiet shoreline.

Acadia National Park Maine

Acadia National Park has a beautiful, rocky shoreline.

Mt. Desert Island is a big island with two main lobes, several small towns and lots of little peninsulas that jut out into the sea. Acadia National Park takes up much of the land, and the whole island is fun to explore. Many spots on the shoreline are wonderful for relaxing and soaking in the view.

Tranquility on the Maine Coast Acadia National Park

Huge granite slabs on the shore are great for kicking back and enjoying the view!

Lobster boats fill many charming harbors in the area, and the Schoodic National Scenic Byway is a gorgeous drive that passes by a few.

Lobster boats on the Maine Coast

Maine lobster is a delicacy, and the small harbors are filled with lobster boats that catch them.

Of course, the lobstermen catch lots of lobsters. There’s nothing like a Maine lobster roll (lobster meat with mayo on a hotdog bun) eaten out on a sunny deck, or an all out Maine lobster dinner complete with a bright red whole lobster on your plate, a bib around your neck, butter melting in a tiny dish over a flame and a nutcracker and pick to get at the tasty morsels inside!

Lobster restaurant Bar Harbor Maine

There are lobster shacks on every corner and lobster restaurants on every pier!

We were floored by the immense lupines that grow wild all over everywhere in the summertime. They range from pale pink to deep purple and they enhance every view in every direction!!

Wild lupines Mt Desert Island Maine

We were stunned by the gorgeous wild lupines growing everywhere.

One of the biggest highlights in Acadia National Park is a trip up Cadillac Mountain. At the top we checked out the view while a seagull checked us out to see if we had any food to spare!

Seagull Cadillac Mountain Acadia National Park Maine

On Cadillac Mountain we enjoyed the view while a seagull waited for a treat, or maybe a tip!

We were very lucky during our stay in Acadia National Park to be there when a national Model A club was holding a rally.

Model A car climbing Cadillac Mountain Acadia National Park Maine

A national Model A rally in Acadia National Park — How cool!

There were Model A cars on every road, and we watched them climbing up Cadillac Mountain on roads that were originally built for them.

Model A Car on Cadillac Mountain Acadia National Park Maine

Cute Model A cars were driving all the roads in Acadia National Park while we were there.

Cyclists had a ball descending from Cadillac Mountain too, and what a view they had as they flew down.

Cyclist rides down Cadillac Mountain Acadia National Park Maine

Flying down Cadillac Mountain on a bike would be a lot of fun!!

One of the coolest things in Acadia National Park is the Carriage Roads that were built by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. These roads were built to give the rich city folks from New York and Boston a place to go for a carriage ride from their vacation estates in Maine at the turn of the century and were closed to motorized cars. Nowadays, they are wonderful for biking.

Acadia National Park Carriage Roads Maine

The Carriage Roads are an ideal place for a leisurely bike ride through the beautiful Maine woods.

Although we heard that John D. Rockefeller, Jr’s son, David Rockefeller, now age 101, can occasionally be spotted enjoying his dad’s carriage roads in his own horse-drawn carriage, the public can walk, ride a bike or ride in a horse-drawn wagon on these roads that wind through the thick and wonderfully fragrant Maine woods on Mt. Desert Island.

Horse-drawn wagon ride Acadia National Park Carriage Roads Maine

The 50 miles of Carriage Roads are unique to Acadia National Park and can be enjoyed many ways!

Besides providing a road system that was free of motor cars, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. wanted all the bridges and tunnels on his roads to have a non-industrial and hand-made flare. Each was built by expert masons and is just beautiful.

Acadia National Park Carriage Roads

John D. Rockefeller, Jr. made sure the bridges and tunnels were finely crafted by hand.

The Carriage Roads zig-zag for 50 miles all over Mt. Desert Island, and near the center of the island they pass by Jordan Pond. This is a haven for kayaks and has a wonderful little restaurant where you can sit on the deck and enjoy the view.

Jordan Pond Acadia National Park Maine

Jordan Pond in the heart of Acadia is a wonderful change of pace from the rugged ocean shoreline

We enjoyed many sunny days during our stay in June, but late spring and early summer also bring a lot of fog to the Maine coast. This can be drippy and miserable, but there is also a special and mysterious beauty that shrouds everything in Maine when the fog rolls in.

Lobser boats in the Maine fog

Fog is common in Maine, and it can make for some very memorable and scenic images.

As a side note, Acadia National Park is just outside of Bangor, Maine, where we had the first of our four major RV repairs that hit us last summer, all in a row: the replacement of our trailer axle. We had it done by an excellent RV repair shop, Harvey RVs in Bangor, Maine, and you can read about what happened here:

5th Wheel Trailer Axle Replacement (a BIG repair job!)

A major RV repair like that is disconcerting, to say the least, but northern Maine was a great place to be stuck for a while because it is so scenic, peaceful and calming!

Calm harbor on the Maine Coast at Acadia National Park

Life is very tranquil in Maine!

Motorhome Magazine is a terrific monthly magazine that covers all things related to RVing, motorhome ownership and maintenance. We are very proud to be contributors this month.

Occasionally, Motorhome posts our articles on their website. Some of our previous articles can be read at this link (this article about Maine is not among them): Motorhome Magazine Articles by Emily & Mark Fagan

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A boat leaves the harbor in Maine's Acadia National Park

A classic Maine image!

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2 thoughts on “Maine’s Pretty Acadia National Park in Motorhome Magazine!

  1. Great Blog on Acadia. we are planing an RV trailer trip to Acadia Sept-October 2021. Would you suggest staying in one central location or choose 2 different sites for the duration of our stay. We plan to hike, bike, SUP. Prefer quiet areas vs crowds. How easy is the commute from bass harbor back to Bar Harbor location via vehicle? Thanks
    cell 5133190839

    • Thanks for appreciating this little overview about Acadia National Park, Patrick. I wrote quite a few blog posts about the area in and around Acadia National Park that you might enjoy. You can find them all at this link here.

      We stayed at Narrows Too Resort which I wrote about here. We enjoyed our stay there very much and it was an easy commute to everything on Mt. Desert Island. KOA also has a wonderful looking RV park that is nearby. If you have a very small trailer, there are many campground options on Mt. Desert, but anything bigger than “very small” would be best at Narrows Too or KOA or some other full service park with large sites. Call the different RV park operators and talk to them about their amenities, site sizes and the length of time it takes to drive to various points on Mt. Desert Island. Contact phone numbers are easy to locate doing a search on Google Maps for “RV parks near Bar Harbor ME.”

      We visited Bass Harbor on a lovely misty morning and wrote about it here. The distance from Bass Harbor to Bar Harbor is 18 miles and I would allow 45 minutes for the drive. Mt. Desert is very laid back, so a leisurely drive across the island makes “the journey” as delightful as “the destination.”

      Have fun next Fall and happy trails to you!


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