Trailer Life Magazine Feature – The Sunny Side of Oregon!

The Sunny Side of Oregon Trailer Life Magazine May 2015

“Sunny Side of Oregon” by Emily & Mark Fagan
Trailer Life Magazine — May, 2015

The May, 2015, issue of Trailer Life Magazine is featuring our article, The Sunny Side of Oregon about the fun and pretty sights we saw on our RV travels in central Oregon.

Central Oregon is a fabulous area for RVing. The hip and trendy city of Bend is at the heart, and there are lots of things to see and do heading in every direction from town.

From the absolutely stunning royal blue vistas at Crater Lake National Park to hiking and rock climbing at Smith Rock State Park to seeing gorgeous waterfalls along the McKenzie River to riverside camping on the banks of the Lower Crooked River, the whole area is an outdoor lover’s paradise that is ideal for an RV roadtrip.

The article can be read here:

The Sunny Side of Oregon

Our blog posts from our RV travels in central Oregon are here:


The May issue of Trailer Life can be found on the magazine racks of big bookstores like Barnes & Noble and at camping and RV supply stores like Camping World. We are subscribers to Trailer Life, and a 12 month subscription can be purchased at this link.

Trailer Life Magazine is published by the Good Sam Club and offers not only travel destination stories like this one but lots of RVing tips and product reviews as well. We’ve been subscribers for many years!

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3 thoughts on “Trailer Life Magazine Feature – The Sunny Side of Oregon!

  1. I had read the Oregon article when we first received our May issue of Trailer Life, but had no idea that you had written it. So, after seeing this post, I looked all through that issue for a credit to you and Mark as writers of the article, but failed to find anything except your name under “Contributors.” And that doesn’t credit you with any specific article or say what the “contribution” entailed. Is this typical for magazines or is it just Trailer Life? If so, it is very different from the professional journals that I have submitted articles to where credit is of significant importance to the authors (particularly to academic authors).

    • In the top right corner of the first page of the article (p. 31), there is a credit to me as the writer and photographer. This should actually be a credit to me as the writer and both of us as the photographers, since two of the photos were taken by Mark, but I forgot to indicate that on my submission and didn’t notice it during the editorial process. Each magazine handles credits, bylines and author bios differently, as well as everything else in the submission and publication process. We are pretty laid back about these things and approach it all as a team. Mark’s name got left off this time, but a few months ago he was given credit for a cover photo that was actually mine. No big deal. The fun is in the writing and the photography itself, and we are very proud that our work is purchased by these magazines, regardless of how we are credited.


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