Kyocera Solar Features Our Sailboat Groovy on their Website!!

Groovy Boat Solar Panel Installation

Groovy’s solar panel installation

Kyocera, the solar panel manufacturer, took notice of our sailboat Groovys solar power setup and has featured our story on the Kyocera Solar website.  We were very surprised and pleased when they contacted us (out of the blue) to say they wanted to feature us.

We’ve been using Kyocera solar panels since May, 2007, when we installed a single 130 watt solar panel on our first full-time RV, a 27′ Fleetwood Lynx travel trailer.  We have been living on solar power full-time in our moveable homes since then.

That first solar installation, like our first trailer, was a little small.  After a year of skinny solar living, we upgraded to 490 watts of solar power on a 36′ Hitchhiker fifth wheel trailer (which included some Mitsubishi panels because the store was out of Kyoceras in the size we wanted!), and we posted a page describing the two RV solar installations.  A few years later, with even more solar experience under our belts, we installed solar power on our sailboat Groovy.  And of course, we keep learning.  Our NEXT solar panel installation will be even snazzier!!

The gist of the story is the value of anticipating your needs before installing a system.  In general, from what we’ve learned over the years, more and bigger is always the best way to go!!

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