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June 2015 – There is an exciting new podcast, Keep Your Daydream, that has recently begun production, and Mark and I were interviewed for their very first episode.

This is a cool podcast that has quickly climbed the charts at iTunes, ranking #1 in its category within a few short weeks of its debut.

If you want to hear what our voices sound like, click the link below to listen to 46 minutes of us telling stories about how we got started in this crazy full-time traveling lifestyle and what our life is like now!

–> Roads Less Traveled Interview on the Keep Your Daydreams Podcast <--

The origins and purpose of this podcast are near and dear to our hearts. Back before we started traveling full-time, we were avid cyclists in Arizona, and Mark’s good buddy Marc Leach was a particularly speedy cycling friend.

Mark and Marc happily duked it out on many a hill climb, and a great friendship was forged during night races on the city streets after work.

When we had dinner with them one night years later, after we’d finished our cruise of Mexico, they told us they dreamed of sailing off over the horizon too (although we highly recommended that they trying RVing first, as it is a much easier lifestyle than cruising in foreign lands!).

Nowadays, Marc Leach and his wife Tricia still dream of casting off on boating adventures, perhaps following in our sailboat Groovy’s wake, and likely going much further afield. However, they have three kids to finish raising first.

Tricia and Marc Leach of Keep Your Daydream podcast with their family

Right now Marc and Tricia are busy raising their kids — but their travel dreams are very much alive!

Note added in 2022 – Now 7 years since this post was written, Marc and Trish’s Keep Your Daydream YouTube channel has gone off the charts in popularity and is a wonderful way to get a taste of the RV lifestyle and get inspired to travel.

Probably lots of people are in a similar situation — the adventure dreams are there, but the circumstances aren’t quite right, yet!

So, how are Marc & Trish keeping their daydream alive in the meantime? They are introducing themselves to the people that are out there doing it, and they are interviewing them to find out what it’s like to jump in with both feet and live your dream!! And they are sharing these interviews with anyone that has an internet connection.

What a truly inspired idea!!

Marc and Tricia Leach of the Keep Your Daydream podcast

Marc and Tricia dream of sailing off over the horizon someday

Together, they have scoured the internet looking for interesting adventurers who are living an unsual lifestyle and fulfilling their dreams. From RVers to sailors to a guy that spends each year living in a new country to a young mom traveling Greece with her son, they are finding truly daring and unique folks.

Rather than just sitting back and reading these travelers’ blogs, Marc’s wife Tricia, a former fitness champion, gets up the nerve to contact the travelers themselves, wherever they are in the world, and set up a Skype interview with them.

What we loved most is that Tricia is a super interviewer. She’s upbeat, she’s got great questions, and she’s really fun to talk to.

Tricia Leach conducts an interview on the Keep Your Daydream Podcast

Tricia Leach conducts an interview on the Keep Your Daydream Podcast

There are thousands of outstanding RV, sailing and adventure travel blogs out there these days, but unfortunately there are still only 24 hours in a day to read them all.

The great thing about Keep Your Daydream is that for anyone who spends hours in their car, you can listen to it as you drive.

I did hundreds of thousands of miles of commuting when I worked in the corporate world. I think Mark did even more! How wonderful it would have been to have spent those hours listening to entertaining interviews with people who were living adventurous lives far from home. Even though that life couldn’t have been mine at the time, I would have come away from each episode inspired and excited.

Kudos to you guys, Tricia and Marc, for a great new podcast. We can’t wait to hear more!!

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