What are the best RV blogs and sailing blogs?

Here are some excellent resources to help you locate the best RV blogs and sailing blogs on the web. There is an explosion of RV and sailing blogs these days, and we’ve found it impossible to keep up with all the terrific new ones that are being published everyday. The resources listed here are from folks who do a wonderful job staying on top of the latest and greatest blogs and have been at it for as much as a decade. This page also highlights a few of the blogs that we have come across and enjoyed reading.


Hitch Itch

Hitch Itch — This great list of new and exciting RV blogs has been maintained since 1997.  Webmaster Ron watches for new RV blogs and ensures all blogs focus on RVing.  We were  thrilled to be included on this list back in 2009 and are delighted to have recently been reinstated since we returned to RVing full-time.  Thank you, Ron!

Hitch Up And Go

Hitch Up And Go — Active since 2005, Tim’s fantastic list of RV blogs is extensive.  The home page (and newsletter) highlight a “featured blog” each month, and we were proud to be included in November 2009 and again in 2012.  There are loads of other links too, including RV videos, online RV magazines, work-camper job sites, RV clubs, manufacturer clubs, forums, and more.

RV Resources

RV Resources — This is an excellent collection of the best RV blogs where Michael has featured an “RVer of the Month” since 2005 (we were grateful to be honored in October 2009). The home page has many other resources including RV Tours, Advice & Guides like detailed checklists for buying / maintaining an RV, and a big RV Rental Dealer Directory if you want to test drive the RV lifestyle.

Top 50 RV Blogs

Top 50 RV Blogs — A newcomer to the “best of” RV blog listing community is the Florida Outdoors RV Center “Top 50 RV Blogs” list.  Webmaster Brandon lists his favorite blogs alphabetically, and he offers a summary of the contents of each blog along with a small photo.  When you see the familiar gold “Top 50 RV Blogs” badge on a blog, it means that blog has been included on the Top 50 list.



Sail Blogs

Sail Blogs — Many sailors turn to sailblogs.com rather than other blogging platforms because sailblogs.com provides a mechanism for users to update their blogs via SSB radio or satellite phone while they are sailing day and night making long passages, or when they are anchored in remote ports.  Member blogs are listed by most recent timestamp, bringing a constantly changing array of cruising blogs to the front.  The fascinating thing about this site is that the blog posts are from all over the world.

Sail Feed

Sail Feed — Sponsored by Sail Magazine, this site syndicates a few of the best sailing blogs.  Each time one of their group of bloggers puts up a new post on their own blog, it appears on SailFeed as well.  In addition, a few manufacturers’ blogs are provided as “sponsor blogs” so they can post info about their products.  Bloggers are paid a nominal fee for Sail Magazine’s use of their blog. It is a real honor for a blogger to be included on SailFeed!

Cruising World Blogs

Cruising World Blogs — Sponsored by Cruising World Magazine, this is another site that syndicates a few of the top sailing blogs.  Just like SailFeed, each time one of the bloggers puts up a new post, it appears on this site as well.  And again, the bloggers are paid a few dollars for the use of their material.  Both magazines monitor the blogs closely, and each has replaced a blogger who stopped sailing and started doing (and blogging about) something else.

Monkey's Fist

The Monkey’s Fist — The Monkey’s Fist is a blog aggregator that gathers lots of posts on various cruising topics and links to them in one place.  For instance, if fifteen different bloggers have written about anchoring techniques, the Monkey’s Fist has a single page about anchoring techniques that links to all fifteen posts.  This makes it super efficient to do your research!  Topics range from “boatyards” to “dogs on board” to “energy management” to “kids as crew” to “provisioning” to “solar power” and “wind power” and much much more.  Anyone with a sailing blog can contribute or oversee the creation of a new topic.


Mail-A-Sail — This blog list from a satellite communications gear provider focuses on where the boats are located, and that’s what makes it fun.  Check out the map at the bottom of the massive listing of blogs to see where the boats are located around the world.  Amazing! The blog posts are not as elegantly presented as in other blogging platforms, but it is really neat to see the breadcrumb trail of where each boat has been.  The “Fleets” page lists the major international boating rallies.  Round-the-world rallies tapered off when the piracy trouble in Somalia was at its peak, and interestingly, although there is a 2014 World Arc Rally in progress (See http://www.worldcruising.com and click on “Rallies”), Mail-a-sail is not tracking it, probably because the boats don’t want their locations known when they enter dangerous waters.


RV Travel Information and Travel Advice

RV Travel is a fabulous resource for everything related to RVing. Written by Chuck Woodbury, a career travel journalist who has been a travel correspondent for the New York Times and has been profiled by the likes of ABC News, CNN, The Today Show and many other top flight media outlets, this outstanding website offers a myriad of RV tips as well as several excellent newsletter subscriptions.

Drive The Americas

Drive the Americas — There are lots of people taking 4×4 vehicles into Cental and South America! If you are looking to travel overland in your own vehicle way south of the border, this is a great place to learn a ton of stuff, from what vehicles work best to where to go and what it’s really like!




If you are jumping into a new life of adventure travel, you may be thinking about starting a blog but are not sure how. You may also be curious about how to make money with a blog and whether RV and sailing blogs pay well, especially since so many blogs have Amazon ads on them. For our thoughts on this subject, see our post: In the Spirit of Giving.


We don’t read RV and sailing blogs nearly as much as the folks that compile the lists above, but these are a few from friends and/or that we’ve come across from other bloggers’ blogrolls:

Sheryl & Paul Distant Shores

Distant Shores

Distant Shores — Our personal sailing heroes and inspiration, Paul and Sheryl have a slew of absolutely stunning videos (and a network TV series) about their cruises in the Bahamas, Caribbean & Mediterranean (much of that time in their 37′ home-built boat) from the early 1990’s til now.


Paul & Nina WheelingIt

Wheeling It

Wheeling It — Nina crafts an outstanding blog with great photos, stories, campground/boondocking site reviews and a myriad of pages chock full of tips about RVing and full-timing. Paul is a successful investor and offers insights and analysis at his website Investing For a Living. They’ve been RVing full-time since 2010.


Watsons Wander

Watsons Wander

Watsons Wander — Tim and Amanda have been loving the outdoors and doing lots of boondocking in their Airstream trailer since 2012. Amanda works wonders in her RV kitchen and she has some great tips for how to turn out gourmet meals in a tiny space.


Behan Sailing with Totem

Sailing Totem

Sailing with Totem — Behan, mother of three, writes a beautiful and insightful blog about her family’s sailing voyage. Former racing sailors, she and her husband Jamie + 3 kids have taken their boat from Mexico through the S. Pacific to SE Asia to S. Africa & back to the US, since 2008.


RV Dreams

RV Dreams

RV Dreams — Howard and Linda have transformed their personal RV dream into a chance to help others achieve their RV dreams. Offering seminars and rallies, a robust Forum and loads of tips on their site, they are wonderful instructors for all newcomers to the lifestyle. They have been full-timing since 2005.

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Cherie & Chris Technomadia


Technomadia — This is the definitve blog for all things tech on the road. Written by Chris & Cherie, who are also the co-creators (along with friend Curtis), of the fantastic new RV social site RVillage. They have been full-timing since 2007.


Becky Interstellar Orchard

Interstellar Orchard

Interstellar Orchard — Solo traveler Becky writes fascinating, thoughtful, well presented articles on full-time RVing topics from the perspective of a single woman in her late 20’s. She’s been full-timing — and working interesting part-time jobs as she goes — since 2012.

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We’re The Russos – Traveling and working in a 29′ motorhome since 2105.

Those Young Guys – Loving life and photography on the road full-time since 2008.

RV Geeks – Long-term full-timers with wonderful “How To” RV videos. Since 2003.

RV Living Now – Loving life in a 26′ motorhome since 2012.

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Paint Your Landscape — A beautiful blog of graceful images and thoughtful narratives. Full-time since 2011.

Metamorphosis Road – Avid hikers & bikers with great on-the-hike photos & trail descriptions, full-time since 2012.

Love Your RV – Ray offers loads of practical handyman tips for RVs and his wife Anne is a pro photographer, since 2012.

Live Laugh RV – Al & Ingrid have been taking great photos and loving life in their RV full-time since 2013.

Gone With the Wynns – An entrepreneurial pair of full-timers with great videos and an RV TV show. Since 2011.

Flying the Koop – With a great motto “From real estate to wheel estate”, full-time since 2013.

Do It Yourself RV – A group of Alabama full-time RVers sharing tips for the RV lifestyle since 2012.

Aluminarium – Traveling and working in a new Airstream since 2011 + 2 years in a refurbished one in ’05-’06.



Sailing Freedom BlueJacket – Entire coastal US, entire Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, part-time since 1998.

Rocket Science – Sailing a fabulous race boat from Mexico through Europe & back to the US, since 2013.

Happy Dance – Cruising Mexico full-time since 2013.

Jeorgia – From the West Coast through the Canal to the East Coast & Caribbean, full-time since 2010.

Following Moondance – Two adventurers and their dog, from the west coast to the South Pacific, since 2008.

Cruising with Cadenza – Cruising the Sea of Cortez, part-time since 2013.

Around the World with s/v Zephyr – From the west coast across the S Pacific to SE Asia, full-time since 2008.


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