Escapees Magazine Cover Photo + Photography Tips!

We are delighted to have another photo on the cover of Escapees Magazine in the September/October 2015 issue. This photo was taken just after the peak of the magnificent autumn colors in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. We were fortunate enough to be there for a few weeks, soaking up Nature’s incredible display. One morning we woke up to find our buggy and everything around it covered in snow.

Escapees Magazine Cover Sep-Oct 2015

An early autumn snow in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado
Photo by: Emily Fagan

Inside this issue we have a feature article offering a few pointers we’ve learned about how to take great photos.

We weren’t photographers before we started traveling in our trailer in 2007, but living this life of sightseeing throughout North America’s most beautiful places has made us eager to improve our skills.

While I spend many happy hours writing magazine articles and blog posts, Mark sits next to me studying photography. And when that boy decides to learn something, he dives in deep!

In a few short years he has plowed through a steady stream of photography books, ebooks, tutorial blogs and more. Luckily for me, as we sit side by side, he gets so excited about what he’s reading that he often reads aloud.

So, we have learned together, which has been great fun, even though it can be a little tricky sometimes for me to write and listen to his photographic words of wisdom at the same time!

The editors of Escapees Magazine have kindly allowed me to share the article here:

Enhance Your RV Travel Photography Skills.

I’ve got lots more tips and share all of our favorite photography resources and learning tools and also list all the camera gear, backpacks, filters and software we have used over the years in this post: Photography – Cameras, Gears, Tips & Resources.

Some our favorite photos from our travels this summer can be seen in these links:

Escapees Magazine is the membership magazine for Escapees RV Club, a wonderful club that brings together RV enthusiasts from all walks of life and that drive all kinds of rigs. Besides their outstanding magazine, one that covers a wide enough range of topics to include something as off-beat at photography tips, Escapees is also the biggest RV advocacy group out there. For that reason alone, anyone with an RV should be grateful.

Escapees looks after the unusual needs of all RVers, especially full-timers whose unique lifestyle could often leave them falling through legal cracks. Among the many other things Escapees’ advocacy work includes ensuring that overnight parking in commercial parking lots remains possible.

If you are an RVer, you can help their efforts by taking a minute to fill out the new Escapees / Xscapers survey so they can determine the demographics, interests and travel styles of the RVing community as a whole:

Escapees / Xscapers RVer survey.

This information will help them in their future RV advocacy efforts!

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4 thoughts on “Escapees Magazine Cover Photo + Photography Tips!

  1. Good Morning Emily

    I’ve commented a few times on your web site about your travels, but now I have a question about security while boondocking. Don’t know if you remember any of my comments but we have just truly started our adventure after camp hosting a few years and now selling the house. We are both 74 years old and know we are running out of time. You and Mark have been a true inspiration for us and we too want to try and stay out of RV campgrounds. I figure that will be one of our biggest expenses. Right now we are in Brookings, OR about to head into California along 101 and hwy 1. I don’t mind staying in a Forest Service campground, but yesterday I pulled into a county park here and they wanted $44 a night for what was a farthest thing in the world as to what we wanted. There are some National camp grounds a few miles off our route but being here near the Redwoods really limits us as to size. Our Arctic Fox is the same size as your Hitchhiker and I’m sure you have found that there are many places you cannot get into. Here is my question, finally. What do you do about leaving the trailer somewhere out in the boonies all by its self. We have our bikes and a couple of kayaks that we carry on the back of the trailer. I do have a lock for the kingpin but that’s about it.

    Thanks again for all that you do. Maybe our paths will cross some day.
    Bob Burton

    • It depends on the “feel” of the area, and we rely on our old city slicker street smarts and 6th sense a lot. If it feels safe, we lock everything up and take off with confidence. If not, we stick around so we can keep an eye on things. So far this has worked well for us. Take it in small steps and you’ll find your way…!

  2. Mark & Emily,
    Meeting you folks in Chanute was a real pleasure. You are so blessed, not only be adventurous enough, but also
    to be living off the grid for so long and still loving it. You are truly a unique couple, we are so happy we met you. I’ll
    say a prayer for you each time I see a beautiful pic, or an RV sitting on the side of a mountain.
    We’ll meet you on the road sometime, Gary & Laura
    By the way I can’t find the SKP park NW of Phoniex, I found 3 in AZ, but not that one.


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