Rainbows over Cactus at Sunset!

The other day we were poking around in Arizona‘s Sonoran Desert getting lovely late afternoon sunset photos, when all of a sudden the sky went black and a rainbow appeared. Our adrenaline shot up and we both started running all over the place looking for the “perfect” saguaro and the ideal setting to get a shot of this majestic spectacle. Then the single rainbow turned into a double one, and a frenzy erupted.

In hot pursuit of a knock-your-socks-off image, we soon lost track of each other, and then the skies opened and it began to rain. We yelled to each other to no avail (why had we left our two-way radios in the trailer…again!?!). I stumbled out of the desert onto the highway and began trudging in who knows which direction. Where the heck was our truck?

I couldn’t believe my incredible good fortune when our photographer friend (and full-time RVer) Rick Henely suddenly pulled up next to me in his pickup.

“Need a ride?” He asked as he rolled down the window.

Did I ever! I hadn’t even known he was out here shooting the sunset and rainbows too! And how lucky for me that he had seen our truck by the side of the road and knew where it was. In just a few moments I was reunited with Mark and we were on our way home — and the deluge started in earnest!!

Here are a few of the images we all saw out there:

Desert Rainbow over saguaro cactus

Woa, buddy, you’re just about knocking me over!
What a great image — Mark took this one!

Rainbow over saguaro cacti in Arizona

A truly magical moment – from my camera!

Arizona Sunset

Opposite the rainbow, I whipped around to see a bright orange sky!

Rainbow Red Mountain Arizona Rick Henely Photographer

Rick found a gorgeous spot for his pics overlooking Red Mountain and the Verde River – WOW!

Thank you, Rick, for being there at just the right moment and for giving me that much needed lift!!

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2 thoughts on “Rainbows over Cactus at Sunset!

  1. Emily thank you for sharing your beautiful pics. Pat and I follow your posts regularly. Pat has taken up photography recently and I have dabbled for years off and on. We retire in 2016 and will be going fulltime RVing. We both look forward to taking pics of the desert, rock formations, mountains, etc, etc. You and Mark inspire us to want and be able to do this and confirm that the south west is where we want to spend our winters. Thanks again , from London, Ontario Canada, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • It’s really satisfying to know that our stories and pics inspire you, Bill, and I know your cameras will be snapping happily when you get to the southwest in your travels. Have fun with your planning and preparations, and good luck in 2016 — it will be here before you know it!!


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