How does Craigslist work when you travel in an RV full-time?

OMG, it works all too well!!

We decided to give ourselves a special Christmas present this year and replace our two recliners. These recliners are rocker-recliner-swivel chairs that came with our fifth wheel from the factory when we bought it.  Although they are very nice, after all these years of use they are starting to look quite worn.  Also, they’ve never been as comfortable as we would have liked. For one thing, when they recline, they have a terrible habit of wanting to fold back up on us!

Our original RV recliners in our fifth wheel trailer

Our recliners looked very spiffy back when they were brand new.

This past summer, we stopped in a furniture store in Baker City, Oregon, and found the perfect recliner. It fit both of us just right.  It rocked, reclined and swiveled, and it was super comfortable. But the store had only one. Sigh. They offered to order a matching one for us, but it wouldn’t be in for three months and we’d be long gone by then. Miraculously, in this town of only 10,000 people, another furniture store also had the exact same recliner — but in a different color! Unfortunately, they couldn’t order a matching one any faster.

So we decided to look for these chairs when we got to Mesa, Arizona, where RV-oriented stores, including furniture stores with small furniture, line the streets. Unfortunately, none of them had these recliners in stock at all, but one store could get a pair in within a month. Yay!!  We excitedly put in our order.

But what to do with the old recliners? With the holidays coming and us camping randomly in the National Forest, we figured it would be pretty tough to unload our old chairs. So, we put them on Craigslist right away, hoping against hope that someone might bite before the new recliners came in. To our complete shock, they sold in 24 hours!

No chairs in the fifth wheel

Oops!! Maybe we got rid of those chairs too soon!!

Now we have a gaping space where the chairs used to be — and the new chairs won’t be in for a few weeks!! The funny thing is that we’re starting to really like this new space.

We don't need chairs in the fifth wheel

Hey, this is pretty cool!

We’re calling it our “mosh pit” and we’ve got pillows and blankets on the floor and it’s really quite cozy!

On the laptop in the mosh pit

Hmm…I hope those chairs don’t get here too quick!

How ironic!! We’re feeling a lot like little kids now. You know how it goes with kids and gifts — Santa goes to a lot of trouble to get the Big Special Gift for the kids, but after they open it and say “wow” and play with it for a few minutes, they set it aside and start playing with the box it came in, and that turns out to be much more fun!

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. We are heading to Quartzite Az for Jan and Feb. We have never boondocked. My husband needs to run a Cpap machine. Should we get a campground? We have a generator. Can you run them at night ?


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