Dancing in the Moonlight

When we settled into our current camping spot in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona, I noticed a pair of saguaro cacti high up on a hill that appeared to be dancing together. Every morning the sunrise has turned the sky pink all around them, and every afternoon the sun has lit them with a golden glow as they’ve enjoyed an eternal moment of bliss together. I’ve been meaning to get their photo, but inspiration didn’t strike until last night.

I was buried in some indoor project when Mark suddenly looked out the window and said, “Look at that!”

The full moon was just starting to rise behind the pair. I rushed outside and caught them just as the big silver moon framed their romantic embrace.

Dancing in the Moonlight

Dancing in the Moonlight

When I came inside to download my photos, I wanted to give this one a special name. I knew there was some phrase about dancing and the moon that would fit the photo perfectly, but couldn’t quite find it. I did a Google search and came up with a few that were close: By the Light of the Silvery Moon, which was a clasic Doris Day song from the 1950’s, and Moondance, which was a 1970 hit from Van Morrison. But neither of these quite fit the lighthearted and free spirit of these two dancers that were caught up in their own private world on the top of this hill.

Then, finally, I found it — the classic 1973 song by King Harvest:

4 thoughts on “Dancing in the Moonlight

  1. Nice. Very Nice. Songs conjure up some great memories don’t they! I listened to the song from start to finish, at first enjoying cactus as they held each other close for their long slow dance. Then, my eyes closed, going back to another time. Thanks to taking us along for the view.

    • You’ve touched me, Jeff. Music comes from the heart and speaks to the soul and can so easily transport us to another place and time. I’m so glad listening to this song brought back special memories for you.

  2. Had to come back one more time. Time to shut down tonight and ready myself for tomorrow. I’ll doze off with a smile, a warm feeling, and in another place and time with the old memories playing silently in my mind.
    Thanks so much for inviting all of us to be a part of your adventures. You do it so generously and so perfectly. Thank you both!

    • You are so welcome, Jeff. I have looked for a similar moonlight image ever since that night and have never found it. And so has a photographer friend of ours who loves that pic and song and the images and feelings it all conjures just as much. Sometimes God gives us fleeting moments of perfection, and our souls touch heaven, and that was such a moment. I’m so grateful I was able to capture some of its essence and share it.


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