Hydraulic Disc Brake Conversion – In Escapees Magazine!

Hydraulic Disc Brake Conversion Escapees Magazine Jul-Aug 2015

Escapees Magazine Jul/Aug 2015
Article & Photos by Emily & Mark Fagan

The July / August 2015 issue of Escapees Magazine is featuring our article about upgrading our 36′ fifth wheel trailer with a disc brake conversion.

Now that we have taken our RV onto the congested, fast-moving and rather scary roads of the northeast, we are relying on our rig’s braking system like never before. We are so glad we have truly outstanding brakes!!

It seems that on a daily basis, whether in Virginia, New York, Maine or Nova Scotia, we are finding ourselves in heavy traffic. Too often we’re getting cut off by zippy little cars and/or coming down big blind, curving descents to be jolted to a stop by a red light. Slamming on the brakes while towing is just part of the deal out here.

Before we came out to the eastern states, we upgraded our trailer’s brakes from factory installed electric drum brakes to electric over hydraulic disc brakes. It’s not a cheap upgrade, but it is very worthwhile.

With permission from the editors at Escapees Magazine, you can read the article here:

Hydraulic Disc Brake Conversion

For anyone that tows a trailer, especially a fairly hefty one, this is an upgrade well worth considering. We have lots more details and a boatload of photos of our installation on this page:

Trailer Disc Brake Conversion – Electric Over Hydraulic Disc Brakes – WOW!

Escapees Magazine is published six times a year by Escapees RV Club, an unusual and very valuable club for anyone who owns (or would like to own) an RV. The club provides a myriad of services for RVers, from mail forwarding to discounts at RV parks to specialized RV weighing services to assisted living for elderly RVers to social groups, rallies, training for newcomers and travel caravans to Mexico and other exotic places.

A few months ago we took a trip to the Escapees RV Club Headquarters in Livingston, Texas, and despite being there during a deluge of rain, we had a wonderful time. See our blog post about their unusual headquarters campus here.

Recently, we were honored to become featured bloggers on the Escapees website. If you are looking for inspiration or information from RVers who are out here living the RV lifestyle, check out the Escapees featured bloggers page. Members who have registered and logged into the website can click here to see the full suite of the latest blog posts as well as create their own blogs to share their travels and tips.

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