Dear Deer in Arizona’s Chiricahua Mountains

We have been loving our visit to the eastern side of the Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona for the past two day. This unique area is a “sky island” in southeastern Arizona’s desert that is filled with high elevation flora and fauna it shares with other “sky island” mountain ranges in the area.

Last night, we were out on a picture-taking evening stroll, getting shots of the vivid pink and blue sky after sunset. It was one of those yummy skies that is layered with light blue at the horizon and soft pink above.

Pink and blue sky in the Chiricahuas in Arizona

A layer cake of pink and blue

As I stood in the middle of the road taking my umpteenth photo of the same scene, wondering how to make it look as beautiful in the photo as it was in person, I suddenly felt a presence near me. I looked up, and there was a deer standing right next to me!!

Deer in the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona

This little guy was just a few feet away!

He paused at the edge of the road just long enough for me to get his photo. Then he ambled off down the middle of the road to join his two girlfriends who had gotten ahead of him while he dawdled with me. I guess they were out for an evening stroll too.

Deer cross the road in Arizona's Chiriahua Mountains

His girlfriends were waiting a little further down the road.

Sometimes the best things in life are just right there, only an arm’s length away.

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