Montezuma’s Castle & Schnebly Hill – Sedona Heights!

Montezuma's Castle National Monument

“Montezuma’s Castle” – were the Aztecs in Arizona??!!

May, 2014 – We have driven past those tantalizing signs on I-17 in Arizona a hundred times:
“Montezuma’s Castle” & “Montezuma’s Well.”

But we have always been in a rush either to get up to Flagstaff or down to Phoenix.

Did those signs refer to the 16th century Aztec king, Montezuma?

If so, what the heck had he been doing way up here in Arizona when his real castle was down by Mexico City?

If not, then why did these places bear his name? Continue reading

Sedona Reflections on the West Fork Trail

West Fork hike Sedona AZ

Beautiful reflections on the West Fork Trail

May, 2014 – Sedona, Arizona, is an outdoor lover’s paradise.  Not only were we thrilled (and challenged) by the wonderful mountain biking in the area, but the hiking was incredible too.

The only problem we had was figuring out which hikes to do! Continue reading

Sedona – Mountain biking in the red rocks!

Mountain bikes at Bell Rock Oak Creek AZ

Ready to Ride!!

May, 2014 – Sedona, Arizona, is a mountain biking mecca, and our friend Marcel, whom we met during our winter stay in Phoenix, and who inspired us to take up this sport, was eager to get us out on the trails.

The mountain biking in Sedona is scenic, dramatic and thrilling — but we soon found out that it is far from easy!

There is only one trail in the main system of in-town trails — the Bell Rock Pathway — that is truly for beginners, and we happily rode up and down that 3.5 mile path many times. Continue reading

Oh, Sedona – Scenic drives in the red rocks!!

Sedona Arizona sign

We have arrived!

May, 2014 – Driving north from Roosevelt Lake in the Phoenix area is a climb, no matter which road you take.

As we drove north on I-17, the rising elevation quickly took us out of the Sonoran desert landscapes.

The air cooled and the saguaro cactus gave way to scrubby evergreens.

In no time, we were in the heart of Arizona’s red rock country in Sedona.

Oh my.  Sedona is breathtaking!! Continue reading