Red sky at morning… should sailors take warning?

Cruising Mexico (Manzanillo Bay & Santiago) Red sky at morning

Sunrise in Santiago this morning.

March 12, 2013 – Staying here in the Santiago area of Manzanillo Bay, we have been treated to some of the most lovely sunrises we’ve seen anywhere on Mexico’s Pacific coast.  This wonderful daily drama sets up each day to perfection.

Oddly, the colorful skies are largely due to the coal fired power plant that sits at the opposite end of the bay.  Manzanillo is a huge industrial port, loaded with freighters, and the smoke from the power plant fills the air with a steady stream of soot.

This isn’t so great for the deck of Groovy — after one day here the entire deck and cockpit were gritty with black dust.  However, the sunrises and sunsets are truly magical.  Our best “boat-in-a-sunrise” photos have all come from this bay (one of my favorites, from our first visit here in 2010, is on our home page).

Every morning since we got here, we’ve bolted out of bed to see what kinds of colors are on tap for the Good Morning Manzanillo sky show that day… So did the red sky this morning really mean “sailors take warning” ?  Not so far.  The pink clouds hung around to give us a largely overcast day, but there are no storms on the horizon…

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