Shhh!! Bootleg DVDs are like a box of chocolates…

Bootleg DVD street vendor

Pick a movie, any movie!

March 8, 2013 – Bootleg DVDs are sold on the street all over Mexico.  They usually cost about 20 pesos ($1.60 USD), and they come in a plastic wrapper with a xeroxed image of the original DVD cover along with the unmarked DVD.

Some are clones of original DVDs, some are clones of Academy Award distribution copies, and some are from a video recorder that someone propped up in the theater (these usually have terrible sound quality, and one we saw had the bizarre periodic interruptions of the guy in front swigging a bottle of Dos Equuis beer every so often).

The Spanish movie titles often bear no resemblance to their English counterparts, and it’s a crap shoot as to what you are buying. If you like, the vendors will play the DVD on their TV/DVD player before you part with your money, and they usually swap the movie for another if it doesn’t work out.

Last night we had the intriguing international maritime experience of watching the movie Kon-Tiki, a documentary about a 1947 balsa wood raft that drifted from Peru to Polynesia, proving ancient Polynesia was settled by Peruvians rather than Asians. The dialog was in Norwegian and the movie had Spanish subtitles.  Gosh, did those subtitles scroll fast. Luckily we knew the story!!

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