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You just never know what will happen when you go to a bar. The other day Mark and I joined our friend Ron at a local favorite hangout for a beer, and suddenly the guy next to Ron said, “Hey, check out this app!”

We all leaned over to look at his smartphone. As he passed it around, he went on to explain: “It’s a mobile service app for cars, RVs and boats. If you need work done on your vehicle, or an oil change or detailing, or even new tires, you can get a mobile service guy to come out to you, wherever you are, with just one click.”

Wow. What a cool idea! It’s a speed dial directory for mobile service providers.

It turned out that this app is called Go Mechanic, and the guy showing it to us was Brent Stanphill, the visionary behind it.

Go Mechanic RV Mechanic

Find an RV Mechanic within 50 miles
based on either your phone’s GPS
or a zip code you enter.

He told us you can download the app for free at both Google Play and the iTunes Store, and before we knew it, everyone at the bar was downloading it!

The bartender was saying, “Man, I could have used this two weeks ago when my car died.”

A woman near me was asking Brent, “Can I really get someone to come to my office and do an oil change while I’m at work?”

Brent grinned, “Yes!”

Go Mechanic Select a Mobile RV Service Provider

RV Mechanic listing on speed dial!

The app locates all the mobile service providers within a 50 mile radius of either the GPS location of your phone or a zip code you enter.

This way, if you aren’t sure where you are, it doesn’t matter. However, if you need service and you aren’t standing next to your RV, you can simply enter the zip code of where the RV is located.

Mobile services are a growing trend, and this cool app is making it easy for service providers and customers to get together.

A few months ago I wrote an article about a couple of full-time RVers who have been providing mobile RV repair services for decades, and I was floored at the high level of professionalism in their business.

One look inside Phil’s mobile workshop proved that he was a skilled mechanic who had all the tools and spare parts necessary to tackle any RV repair job, from a broken awning to a finicky slide mechanism, to installing a complete solar power system on the roof of an RV.

Mobile RV Repair provider's mobile workshop

Phil & Ann Botnick have a fully stocked RV repair workshop on wheels.

Brent told us that many of the providers in his directory work from converted trucks (like Phil’s) that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to construct.

Whether they are oil change providers, vehicle detailers, RV repair specialists or tire providers, these are serious businesses, not fly-by-night hacks.

Across the country, a growing group of quality mechanics is recognizing the need we all have in our busy lives to find service people who can bring their skills to us. They have set up their mobile workshops with everything they need to do excellent work.

Interior of a mobile oil change van

Inside the van of a mobile oil change provider

And as serious businessmen, they see the value in this app.

Rather than paying for old fashioned advertising in the Yellow Pages, they pay a nominal fee for a premium listing in the Go Mechanic directory that comes complete with a link to their web page and reviews from customers.

And that’s how Go Mechanic makes it possible for customers to download this app for free. How clever!

I instantly wanted to help Brent get the word out to the RVing community. This could be a real game changer for us!

Instead of hunting down an RV service repair shop and figuring out where to stay while your RV is in for repair, why not have the mechanics and detailers come to you?!

What could be better than having your rolling home detailed while you’re out sightseeing? Or getting that niggling problem with the generator fixed or the oil changed without having to drive the big beast to an RV repair shop somewhere?

Interior of a mobile mechanic van providing tire replacement service

Mobile tire service and sales (including balancing!) is a growing trend!

Besides the convenience of not having to take your RV in to the shop, it would be awesome to have this directory at your fingertips if you had a major problem that left you stranded on the side of the road.

As we chatted more about Go Mechanic, Brent told me that it is one of handful of companies selected to participate in the new LaunchPoint incubator program at Arizona State University for innovative technology startups.

Major media outlets have also taken notice, and the folks at Fox12 News in Phoenix Arizona jumped on the chance to do a segment about the app.

Watch this fun Fox12 News video clip here!

As one of the guys on Fox12 News said, “Brilliant!”

Mobile oil change repair service

Have your oil changed without sitting around in a waiting room!

I asked Brent how he got the idea for the Go Mechanic app.

He told me that a few years ago his parents were planning to drive across country in a used car they had just bought at auction.

Being a very good and concerned son, he assembled a list of all the mobile mechanics he could find along their route.

As he handed them the list, he suddenly realized what a valuable resource it was, not just to his parents but to anyone out on the road.

His ingenious idea has flourished since then, and the Go Mechanic app is being rolled out nationwide with special focus on the RV hot spots of Arizona, Florida and California.

Go Mechanic Mobile vehicle service provider app

A clever new app!

If you have a smartphone or a tablet, download it and check it out.  If you’ve never enjoyed the convenience of mobile service, give it a try!

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