La Tia Hot Sauce – The best among millions!

March 6, 2013 – One of our favorite things in Manzanillo is locally made La Tia hot sauce.

La Tia Hot Sauce

We found it!!

We aren’t spicy food eaters, but this stuff is good!

We first discovered it two years ago at Frida’s restaurant on the marina docks in Las Hadas.  It was made nearby by the family of restaurant owner AgustIn.  But this year Frida’s (and Agustín) are no longer there.  And our three one-liter bottles we bought last year were gone!

Bottle label in hand, we went on a scavenger hunt around the shops in Santiago. But all we got from everyone was a head shake and a “No lo tengo” (I don’t have it).  Finally we rounded a corner – and Mark spotted it on a shelf!  The vendor was shocked when we bought three one-liter bottles, but she said she loves the sauce too and that’s why she carries it!!

Ahh… mission accomplished… yummy bean burritos are on the menu aboard Groovy once again!

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