Escapees Magazine Feature Article: “Flame On!”

Flame On and Install a Vent-free Propane Heater in your RV

Escapees Magazine – November/December 2014
“Flame On! – Installing a vent-free heater”
By: Emily & Mark Fagan

The November/December 2014 issue of Escapees Magazine is featuring our article, “Flame On! Installing a Vent-Free Heater.”

Followers of this site have seen our recent post about choosing a heater and installing it in an RV, and here we are writing about it again. Are these heaters really that great? In a word, Yes!

Even in a “warm” place like Arizona, it is very different living in an RV than in a house, and we were surprised by just how frozen we were our first winter.

An RV furnace can keep a lot of the chill off, but if you really want to be warm, a vent-free heater will give you even more heat while using less propane and less electricity.

Some folks worry about the safety of these gas appliances, and this article goes into some detail about why you shouldn’t be nervous. If you are handy, the installation is straight forward. If not, of if you don’t want a permanent installation, there are portable options as well. And if you want a cozy look, they even build them into fireplace mantels!

Escapees Magazine is a wonderful and very informative RV magazine geared towards people who live in RVs long term. It is the membership magazine for the Escapees RV Club which is unique among RV organizations because it offers such a wide variety of programs for its members.

From discount RV parks to mail forwarding services in three states to advocacy work on behalf of all RVers to bootcamp programs that teach new RVers how to live this lifestyle, it is a club that has something for everyone.  The Club even has special interest groups for RVers, nicknamed “Birds of a Feather” groups (BOFs).  These range from Photographers (a group we are part of) to Beaders to Birders to folks who like to RV in the Buff!!

Plus – they have kindly allowed us to share our article here:

Flame On! Installing a Vent-Free Heater

For more info and a step-by-step installation guide with photos, visit our blog post here:

How to Select and Install a Vent-Free Propane Heater

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