A Wedding Photo Shoot Among The Wild Horses!

One of the things we love most about living the full-time RV lifestyle is how we are immersed in the happenings of humanity and nature every day. We spend a lot of time in very magical places, and these kinds of spots attract intriguing people and interesting little vignettes of everyday life.

Yesterday, on New Year’s Day, we glanced out our RV window in the late afternoon to see a bride walking through the woods. What next?! Despite what I said about the naiveté of blushing brides in my New Year’s post about making dreams come true, I am a huge romantic and I LOVE weddings. I’m totally into the mushy stuff, and I get such a thrill whenever we catch a glimpse of a beautiful woman on her special day.

When I saw this pretty woman in her elegant white dress, I leaped out of the trailer with my camera in hand and dashed into the woods to see what was up. She and her groom were having their photos taken, and as I approached, the photographer was just spreading out the bride’s skirt on the grass while the groom took her in his arms for a kiss.

Romance in the Woods

What a lovely way to welcome in the new year!!

The soft light lit them beautifully. What a great shot!! My only problem was the professional photographer kept getting in my way!!

Just then, some wild horses strolled into the scene. Like everyone around here who catches sight of the wild horses, the photographer got completely distracted and started taking pictures of them instead. So much for the pretty bride! The horses got all the attention for a few minutes while the bride patiently waited.

Distracted by the wild horses

The photographer gets distracted by the wild horses…

Well, those wild horses are really special too. They are very mellow, and they milled around quietly. After a while, two of them laid down side by side facing in opposite directions. One was white and one was dark brown, and they stayed perfectly still while the wedding photo shoot continued next to them. I looked a little closer and noticed their eyes were closed.

Wild horses in wedded bliss

A little bit of “wedded bliss” ??

We just never know what we’ll see out our RV windows!!

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