VW Microbus Mania in Lake Havasu Arizona!

We had so many great pics from the VW Microbus festival, Buses by the Bridge in Lake Havasu, Arizona, that they didn’t all fit in one post. Here is some more Microbus Mania for you! Most of these folks were camping in their micobuses and had them opened up so you could see how they were set up inside. There isn’t a lot of room in these tiny RVs of yesteryear, but they’re just so cute. Enjoy!

The “submarine hatch” model was the first to have a top that opened. These clever folks put a tent on top for a little weather protection:

Groovy Lavender VW microbus

The “submarine hatch” model got you a little extra headroom inside!

Some guys had it made in the shade with wonderful big awnings.

VW Microbus Made in the Shade

A big awning and party lights — made in the shade!

VW Microbus Made in the Shade

There’s a microbus in there??

Now here’s a paint job that caught our eye!! Wouldn’t it be crazy to look in the rearview mirror and see this!

Eagle Face VW Microbus

Eagle eyes…

And how’d ya like to wake up to vivid orange all around you?! It’s a bit different than the color tones of today’s RVs…

Orange bus interior

All orange inside…

For the Deadheads, there was a Grateful Dead Mobile trimmed with the iconic dancing bears and the turtle from the cover of the Terrapin Station album.

Jerry Garcia VW Microbus with bears and turtle

Grateful Dead Bug – with the dancing bears and Terrapin Station turtle

The front was tie dye, of course!

Tie Dye VW Microbus

Groovy tie dye…can’t beat that color scheme!

A guy was selling super cute coolers shaped like VW Microbuses. The whole roof — surfboards and all — opened up, and there was plenty of room inside for a bunch of beer and ice. He had one in tow behind his real Microbus…

VW Microbus towing a VW Microbus

The green mini-Microbus being towed behind is actually a cooler!

One vintage bus had a great caption painted on the side:

Slowing Down Traffic since 1970

“Slowing down traffic since 1970”

Another guy managed to squeeze three big pooches into his bus somehow!

A VW Bus for Pooches

A Pooch Bus!

What a fun rally — far out, man!

Peace signs and moons VW Microbus

Peace, baby!

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