Welch OK is A-Okay for a Fun Fall Fair in Oklahoma

October 2015 – After enjoying the wonderful Biblesta celebration in Humboldt, Kansas, we continued our RV travels south and west. We had been hoping to catch some fall colors in Oklahoma, and deliberately took some off-the-beaten-path scenic roads, but our timing was off and we were just a little bit early for the peak.

Oklahoma RV camping and travel


However, we still saw a magical sunrise in Grove, Oklahoma!

Sunrise in Oklahoma

Oklahoma sunrise

Even though it was fall, and not spring, two northern flickers started doing a fabulous courtship type of dance in the grass right outside our trailer door. They jumped around with wonderfully bouyant movements, showing off their flashy yellow feathers under their wings and tails.

Northern Flickers courting in Oklahoma

A pair of flirting flickers!

Northern Flickers courting

Doing the Lindy Hop!

Sometimes people wonder how we go about choosing our travel destinations, and the truth is that we stumble into most of them. We don’t do a lot of planning. We prefer, instead, simply to be out there in the world and to see what kinds of adventures are waiting for us.

I had just answered such a query one morning when, a few hours later, as we were driving down the road with our rolling home trailing along behind us, we glanced down a street and saw a fall festival in full swing right in the middle of the road. What luck!

Pumpkins at Welch OK Fall Harvest Days_

Signs of fall in Welch, OK — pumpkins and hay bales.

We were in Welch, Oklahoma, and the town was in the middle of its Welch OK Harvest Days celebration. Mark quickly found a place to park the RV, and we walked back to see what was going on.

Welch OK Harvest Days Fall Festival pumpkins and hay bales

Happy Fall, Y’All!

It was a cold, gray day, but the spirit was warm and friendly as we walked around the various booths. There was a table of cozy looking knitted goodies, and there were pumpkins and hay bales stacked up for decoration.

Welch Oklahoma Fall Harvest Days Festival

Wonderful hand knitted and crocheted goodies at the Welch Harvest Days fair

In the middle of the street a bunch of guys were making hay bales the old fashioned way. The whole time we walked around the fair, these guys were stabbing a big pile of hay with pitchforks and loading it into the machine. One by one, the machine created rectangular hay bales. Nowadays, massive combines scour the farm fields, spitting round hay bales out the back as they drive down the rows.

I’m sure there was a time when this antique hay baler was a back saving godsend, but compared to modern farm equipment, this rickety old antique was downright quaint.

Haying with antique farm equipment Welch Fall Harvest Days Oklahoma

A group of guys show us how haying used to be done.

Nearby, there was a ring toss going on with a bunch of pop bottle as the target.

Ring toss Welch Oklahoma Fall Harvest Days

Nice throw!

In one booth, a local vintner was selling bottles of fine OK wine.

Welch OK Fall Harvest Days Wine Seller

OK wine is fine wine!

All the store fronts in town were dressed up for the festivities

Welch Oklahoma storefront for Fall Harvest Days


When we peeked in one window, we saw a cat lounging on a workbench. Cute!

Cat inside a Welch OK storefront

Time for a snooze.

Right in the middle of it all there were pony rides. One little girl enjoyed her ride so much that after she got off the pony she walked with it around the ring a few times.

Pony ride Welch OK Fall Harvest Days

Riding the pony was fun, but walking alongside is even better.

While the litle girl walked her pony, a little boy was having a ball playing on an antique tractor. He climbed all over it and seemed ready to hit the farm fields — if only he could get it started.

Antique tractor Welch Fall Heritage Days Oklahoma


As we walked around, all of a sudden we could hear the familiar and unintelligible patter of an auctioneer. Drawing closer, we saw that there was an auction going on. He was auctioning off cakes and pies, and the bids were coming in fast and furious.

Taking care not to make the wrong gesture, or inadvertently raise my hand the wrong way (or I’d end up with a fancy cake!), I got a brief video clip so you can hear what this sounds like:

This part of the world is tornado country, and one vendor had a neat selection of storm shelters for sale. These things were like rugged closets you install in the ground. They were fun for the kids to play in too!

Storm shelters for Oklahoma tornados

These sturdy storm shelters make fun play houses.

We were lured to one edge of the fair by the yummy smell of a barbecue, and it turned out that Smokin’ Brothers Barbecue was grilling up some delicious things on one of their cute little farmhouse style grills. These guys build their own grills, and as long-time Traeger Grill owners, they say they have bested the Traeger design at a fraction of the cost. I don’t know a lot about high end grills, but I sure loved the little red “barn-b-que”!

Welch OK Smokin Brothers BBQ Grills

A unique barbecue by Smokin’ Brothers!

After enjoying Welch Harvest Days for a few hours, we moseyed on down the road, traversing Oklahoma from north to south.

Ruby daisies Welch Fall Heritage Days Oklahoma


Eventually we landed in Paris, Texas, where the Eiffel Tower stands proud, wearing a red Texas cowboy hat on top!

Eiffel Tower Paris Texas

A poignant image from Paris, Texas, in the wake of recent events in this town’s namesake city.

We had no idea at the time how much our thoughts would be turning towards Paris, France, as world events unfolded in the next few weeks…

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