Sunwayfoto Leveling Base Review – Tripod Ball Head + Panorama Base ALL IN ONE!

The Sunwayfoto Leveling Base (part #DYH-68B) is an exciting and very versatile product. I say, versatile because it can be used either as a tripod ball head or, with a few attachments, it can be used to create excellent panorama photos.

FB Sunwayfoto Leveling Base Review

Sunwayfoto Leveling Base Model #DYH-68B

Using the Sunwayfoto Leveling Base as a Tripod Ball Head

With a weight of only 7 ounces, this mighty little base can support up to 22 pounds. For reference, the specifications for the Nikon D850 camera indicate it weighs 2.01 lbs. and the Nikon 24-120 lens weighs 1.56 lbs., for a total of 3.57 lbs., a far cry from the max supported weight of 22 lbs!

Sunwayfoto DYH-68B Leveling Base 5

The Sunwayfoto Leveling Base can be used as a tripod ball head.

Not only does the Sunwayfoto Leveling Base provide a stable and low profile replacement for a taller and heavier traditional ball head, but it is a much less expensive alternative as well. The extraordinary light weight makes a big difference in your pack when you hike with your camera gear into the back country.

If you need to tilt the camera slightly on your tripod to make it level, simply give the locking ring a slight half inch twist to unlock it (super fast and easy!). Then you can adjust the tilt angle up to 15 degrees. Admittedly, a traditional ball head can typically tilt up to 45 degrees, however, if you are on fairly level ground the 15 degree tilt angle should be enough to level your camera, especially if you change the height of one of the tripod legs.

Sunwayfoto DYH-68B Leveling Base 2

The leveling base can be tilted up to 15 degrees.

Using the Sunwayfoto Leveling Base for Panorama Photos

For demonstration purposes, I set my camera up on the Sunwayfoto Tabletop Tripod (T1A20D) and then added their Panning Clamp along with their Nodal Slide (DMP-200LR) for making Panorama photos. I was astonished to find that I barely needed to crop my photos at all.

Sunwayfoto Leveling Base set up on a tabletop tripod for Panorama Photos

Here is a panorama photo I made by stitching together 5 photos in Adobe Lightroom. Note how there is almost no cropping required because the leveling base kept ensured all the photos were perfectly aligned!

Panorama photo using Sunwayfoto equipment

A panorama photo created from 5 photos using Sunwayfoto’s leveling base, tabletop tripod and nodal slide.

If you are looking for an all in one leveling base/panning clamp Sunwayfoto also makes the DYH-90A Leveling Base. It not only has panning ability but provides a leveling bubble to insure you get the best possible results from your stitched panorama photos without excess cropping.

To read more about the Sunwayfoto Leveling Base model DYH-68B, visit their website here.

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