2013 – Sailing Through a Year of Transition: Goodbye Groovy, Hello Buggy!

2013 was a very special year for us because it marked a major transition in our lives as we slowly said goodbye to our sailing life aboard our sailboat Groovy and mentally prepared to return to a life ashore in our beloved buggy.

This meant also saying goodbye to our ex-pat life in Mexico, which we had loved, and it meant saying goodbye to living at tropical resorts, living in bathing suits, and scrubbing the barnacles off the bottom of the boat every time we jumped in the water!

We loved the sailing life, and we loved Mexico, but we loved the RVing life even more. So, even though this final year of our cruise turned out to be the best one of all, we knew as we savored every adventure that it was to be our last.

We moved off the boat in late December, 2013, and moved back into our trailer. This was an emotional time for us, and I wrote two posts that expressed some of what I was feeling at the time:

These are the blog posts from our travels in 2013:

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