Sunset over RVs in Quartzsite AZ

Arizona is a land of stunning sunsets, and the other night we were blessed with a sensational one that covered the entire sky. As it slowly progressed, we saw RV doors opening all around us as people came out into the desert to admire it and snap some pics. Campfire conversations came to a halt too as everyone turned to face the sky.

Getting a sunset photo in Quartzsite AZ from the roof of our RV

I hopped up on our roof to see if I could get some pics of the scene. It was like standing under a dome of pink and orange, as the entire sky lit up around us and the vibrant color intensified.

Sunset over RVs in Quartzsite Arizona

…facing east…

RV at sunset in Arizona

…southern view…

Quartzsite Arizona RV sunset

…to the west..

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