Wild Horses!

Here’s a sighting from the wild west of Arizona – wild horses!

We’ve been mingling with these free spirited animals on the eastern fringes of Phoenix lately. They are probably descended from horses kept by the Indians on the nearby Yavapai Nation at Fort McDowell. They aren’t the most elegant of equine specimens — no one is brushing them down or feeding them apples and carrots on a regular basis — but they live life on their own terms, making their way on the edge of a very urban world.

Wild horse at the Salt River in Arizona

A wild horse comes down to the river for a drink.

We have spotted them getting a drink at the Salt River, and we’ve seen them in the distance on the hillsides between the saguaros this year. We’ve even seen them taking a leisurely stroll down the road! However, the little colt that enchanted me last year hasn’t been by — yet.

Blonde wild horse of the Salt River in Phoenix Arizona

A wild horse pauses to look at me as it walks along the river.

I was very lucky to have a unique encounter with that sweet little colt and his mom and few other horses from his herd last spring, and I told the story in this post: Wild Horses of the Salt River.

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