Circling the Wagons

We had a special reunion last night with our good friends Rich and Mark who joined us with their popup trailers. We circled the wagons and warmed our hands over a great campfire together. Popup trailers are so cool. Our friend Mark camps in an Aliner Chalet (on the left) that is cute as a button and sets up in seconds. But I’m partial to the popup tent trailer that Rich and his wife Mary camp in (on the right), because it used to be ours!!

Circling the wagons with RVs around a campfire

We circled the wagons around a glowing campfire.

This is the little trailer that started us on the road to full-time RVing, and we spent way more nights in it during the two years we owned it than seems possible. We drove away with it every Friday as soon as we got off work, and we camped in it right through til Monday morning sometimes. It was fantastic to see it again and to remember the many great trips we took in it.

Fleetwood Colonial Popup tent trailer

Rich welcomes us into our old popup tent-trailer we called the Luvnest… so many great camping memories!

A little trailer like this is the ideal way to get your feet wet and see if the RVing life is for you before you turn your life upside down and put your life savings into a bigger RV for full-timing. (Of course, we did meet a couple once who had been full-timing in a popup tent trailer like this for four years — and they were very happy!). If you want to run off to live in an RV a few years down the road, a little buggy like this can satisfy your itch and give you a taste of freedom right now!

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