Arizona Desert Love

When we were out on a Sonoran Desert hike the other day we came across the most amazing saguaro cactus. This guy has such a huge bouquet of arms pointing in all directions that he’s like some Hindu god standing in the middle of the desert! We knew this magnificent cactus from last year, and it was so great to see him again.

Saguaro cactus with many arms in Arizona's Sonoran desert


Down by the Salt River we spotted two snowy egrets shuffling next to the water’s edge. They were rustling up dinner from the bottom. Yum!

Snowy Egrets by the water's edge

Snowy egrets grab a snack by the river.

The beauty of the rivers in the Arizona desert have captured our hearts completely. Some of my favorite posts about this area from last year (including a pic of this same big daddy cactus and the beautiful snowy egrets) are these two:

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