Oops! How does this work?

I have a complete blog post prepared for you this week. It has 33 photos, some of which are very beautiful, and it has lots of fun commentary too.

However, a few days ago I upgraded WordPress to the latest version.  I thought nothing of it because they toss out upgrades every month or so and you just keep upgrading along.

Unfortunately, just now when I sat down to do my zip-zap lightning-fast-fingers stuff I’ve done in WordPress for the last 7 years to compile my text and photos into a blog post, I discovered that the interface is completely unrecognizable.  So the publication of this cool blog post about Castle Hot Springs and Lake Pleasant is going to be delayed.

Ironically, earlier today I was joking with Mark that a day may come where my blog fades into oblivion because the changes in technology leave it behind.

I made the joke in the context of thinking about ways to preserve our precious memories that have been so carefully written and presented online so that some curious descendant decades from now could get a whiff of what our lives were like.  I believed I’d come up with a way I could one day print out the thousands and thousands of 8.5 x 11 pages that it would consume and have those pages be nicely formatted so they could be archived in notebooks.

All I can say is be careful what you joke about!

I think I know what needs to be done and have found some good info here.  But I’d rather tackle this with fresh eyes and a clear mind over a cup of coffee in the morning!

Here’s the first photo I had planned to use, but it’s not sized or positioned right… sigh.

Yippeee!! I’ve got it figured out and finished the job!! The solution was the WordPress Classic Editor plugin (which has over 3 million active installations, LOL), and the Castle Hot Springs blog post is now live here: Castle Hot Springs and Other Arizona Treasures near Lake Pleasant

12 thoughts on “Oops! How does this work?

  1. Yes, I DETEST the new “block” editor and with several websites/blogs I own or manage for other, I have to switch them all back to the “classic” editor. I was going to offer that suggestion, but the link you showed looks like it will put you on the right path. Good luck — once you get it set up to use the classic editor, it will all go back to normal. I fear, though, that someday they’ll remove that option. But I’ll just keep hoping for the best.

    • The solution turns out to be the “Classic Editor” plugin which is here. It is an official WordPress plugin that they will maintain until 2022 and possibly longer. There are over 3 million websites using the plugin, so you and I have lots of company! Good luck to you too, Arden!

  2. Hi Em & M…ain’t electronics wonderful? When it works, that is..Have pulled the same “magic fingers” stunt, and manged to recoup lost documents through my backups on two separate hard drives. But experience is an unrelenting teacher, in our experience. Hope you got all your valuable pics, and prose back!

    Well, you managed to see the “new” Castle Hot Springs, before Bette & I (Glen), could get there, so am really looking forward to your superb pics! But still need to see what’s been done with the Springs, during their “remodel”. It’s a neat place, as is the north side of Lake Pleasant. And at this time of year, you can take the Castle Hot Springs road from Lake Pleasant, around to HWY 74, and take in the wildflowers, and beautiful scenery! Very pleasant (no pun intended) day trip; although it would really be neat in a Razor or UTM, which you, Mark, and Buddy probably did. Plenty of side roads that beckon, too…..

    Take care, and safe travels – Bette & Glen Horsmann

    • Nothing was lost, I just couldn’t put the pieces together! But I’m up and running now and getting it all together. I do 80% of the work offline, but it takes a couple of hours to do the last bit of massaging in WordPress. You’ll enjoy the pics of Castle Hot Springs. There’s a restaurant going in that will be open to the public there. The whole area is very cool and the poppies and lupines are blooming!

  3. Emily,
    What’s going on out there? This is the equivalent of “Buddy ate our website!” 😉 Hope you are back up and running soon.

  4. The previous ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ title made me laugh! I swear “they” do this just to keep us confused, so we can’t become (or stay) masters at our craft. I won’t let my phone update for this very reason…until I am forced to.

    • I think we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t, Cinn, probably because the Masters of the Tech universe have other priorities besides user happiness in mind. We’ve resisted upgrading to Adobe’s software rental program for Lightroom because it just doesn’t seem right to have a monthly payment for a software program, but when I upgraded my Mac OS recently, it told me my old Lightroom is on the hairy edge of not being able to run on the new OS. Years ago I didn’t upgrade my Mac OS for about three years, and by the time I did, the upgrade process wiped out my entire iTunes library which contained all my old CDs that I’d sold before traveling. When I was a software engineer preserving customer data was paramount. But that was during the Stone Age and we’ve come a long way since then. Argh!

    • Yes, indeed. Thanks for stopping by, Nina. I really enjoyed your most recent “return to blogging” post and appreciate and have felt all the sentiments you expressed. Balancing real world experiences versus online experiences is a delicate challenge…


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