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Motorhome Magazine At Home on the Road by Emily Fagan

An article chock full of tips for future full-timers who dream of running off on an RV adventure!
Motorhome Magazine – January 2016

The January 2016 issue of Motorhome Magazine features a fun article we put together about full-time RVing. We love this lifestyle and learn more about it every day, and this article describes some of the things we’ve learned about how to live this way and why it’s such a blast!

The publisher has posted the article online on their web page, so you can read it here:

At Home on the Road

We’ve also written oodles of tips for folks that dream of hitting the road full-time in their rolling home at these links:

Of course, as thrilling as this lifestyle is, it’s not all wine and roses, and least not all day every day (just mostly). There’s work that’s gotta be done too! Mark is very gifted mechanically and he keeps our show on the road with endless tweaks, upgrades, and repairs to the various systems on our RV.

Some of these projects appear on this blog. But many never make it to these pages. Such is the case with the replacement of our King Pin assembly on our fifth wheel trailer last year.

Trailer Life Magazine King Pin Assembly Replacement

Replacing a fifth wheel king pin assembly
Trailer Life Magazine – January 2016

In the January 2016 issue of Trailer Life Magazine, there is a review of several different fifth wheel king pins currently on the market, along with a step-by-step pictorial we put together showing how we upgraded the king pin assembly on our Demco Glide-Ride.

Our fiver had begun to have a bit of a wandering spirit as it traveled behind our truck, and the connection between the fifth wheel and the truck had become quite sloppy. Replacing the king pin assembly did the trick to tighten up the connection and make our buggy more obedient as it rolled along behind us.

Motorhome and Trailer Life are both excellent magazines that cover a wide variety of topics that are near and dear to the hearts of all RVers. Some of the articles that appear in their print edition also get posted to their website, as with the full-time RVing article above. However, most articles (like our king pin assembly pictorial) are available only to subscribers.

For anyone that wants to learn about RVing, a subscription to one of these magazines is a great educational tool. We have been Trailer Life subscribers for eons and find something worthwhile in every issue.

If you love driving your home around, subscribe to Motorhome here.
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6 thoughts on “Full-time RV Tips & More in Motorhome and Trailer Life!

  1. LOVED the article for Motorhome Magazine. We bought an RV the weekend before Christmas and can’t wait to go full-time after our house sells (we’re listing it in March or April)!!

  2. Help, I am 81 and a single woman thinking of selling my house and hitting the road. I don’t want anything big and really thinking of driving rather than towing. Saw a teardrop at the recent RV show here in Tampa Florida, cute as a button BUT for full time. Am I crazy ? Am I having a pipe dream, by the way it will be on a tight budget pat

    • You’re not crazy. You’re just making your life as exciting as possible in the years you have left. If you are in decent health and are inspired to travel, then why not go have a fabulous adventure while you can?! Have a blast. You’ve got nothing to lose but time.


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