Dog’s Life – Buddy’s Got It Covered!

While I’ve been typing away during this past year to bring you a glimpse of our travels on America’s less traveled roads, roaming about with a little pup in tow, I had no idea that Buddy was working on his own pet project for his canine RVing friends.

Dog's RV Life Magazine - Buddy's Got It Covered

Buddy explains to Mark what it’s like to live a Dog’s Life!

I thought he was just licking his paws over there or maybe surfing the web for better dog treats. I had no idea that he’d created a popular dog magazine…!

Puppy publishes magazine on a laptop-min

K9 Publishing by Puppy Chow

It turns out that for the past year our friend Bob (a PhotoShop and photography expert) has been working with our little Buddy (whom he affectionately calls Puppy Chow), and together they have created quite a library of magazines for RVing pups and their owners.

I had seen the first issue last year and had shared it on the blog post where I introduced our new furry roommate:

Dogs RV Life Magazine Dec 2017-min


Since then I’ve seen a few of these unusual magazine covers float by every once in a while, but I didn’t realize just how many there were until recently when I noticed there was quite a collection.

For a change of pace from our ordinary blogging fare, here are a few covers from these fun magazines. Hopefully they’ll put a smile on your face today!

Dog's RV Life Magazine Feb 2018-min


Each issue reflected a bit of what was happening in our lives at the time, so when Camping World brought a camera crew out to make a video about our RV lifestyle, that special event was highlighted…

Dog's RV Life Magazine March 2018-min


Dog's RV Life Magazine April 2018-min


Dog's RV Life Magazine May 2018-min


Dog's RV Life Magazine July 2018-min


When we got out into the snow-capped mountains and had some wintry feeling spring mornings where we could see our breath in the air before we got out of bed, that unique tid-bit of RV life made it onto the cover…

Dog's RV Life Magazine October 2018-min


Buddy’s mouth was too small to grasp a baseball at first, but when he grew a little bigger he could hang onto a baseball in his teeth just fine. This was just in time, too, because he’d found one under a tree near our campsite…

Dog's RV Life Magazine November 2018-min


Dog's RV Life Magazine February 2019-min


Despite spending a lot of months in very buggy places last year, we avoided getting too bitten until we got to Missouri where Buddy got four tick bites in a week and I got one too! Apparently, after that bout with those nasty little biters, Buddy came up with some tips for avoiding them…

Dog's RV Life Magazine March 2019-min


Now, “Dog’s Life” isn’t the only publishing project that Buddy and Bob have been working on. They’ve put together a few other periodicals too, from “Trailer Dog” to “Gun Dog” to our very own Roads Less Traveled magazine.

The first “Trailer Dog” issue came out when Buddy was very young just shortly after he’d found a very old dead bird and made a meal of it…only to have the meal come right back up again a few minutes later…

Trailer Dog Magazine February 2018 -min


Gun Dog Magazine October 2018-min


Gun Dog Magazine September 2018-min


The movie reviews were lots of fun, and we were especially tickled when Buddy reviewed the all time classic, “Old Yeller.”

Road Less Traveled February 2019-min


Roads Less Traveled February 2019-min


The arrival of our new RZR made the cover (yay!)…and Buddy solved a very important mystery that has been puzzling a lot of folks!

Road Less Traveled March 2019-min


Road Less Traveled March 2019-min


Road Less Traveled March 2019-min


And that’s it for today from the Buddy-and-Bob K9 Publishing team. Hopefully they’ll keep ’em coming!

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20 thoughts on “Dog’s Life – Buddy’s Got It Covered!

  1. You guys outdid yourselves on this one! That is great! But, watch out….he may be looking for an agent now. You may have created a monster celebrity now!

  2. Just adore your blog… really appreciate the tips we get from it and ideas of places to include on our next trips. Keep up the good work!

  3. Who knew that Buddy would be such a celebrity❗️It’s a dog’s life for sure❗️🐶woof, woof. Rich & I enjoy following your adventures❗️

  4. Emily (and Bob and Buddy), this post gets an A++ for being so creatively adorable. Love the Buddy pics because the subject is such a handsome guy. Love the “article” titles because they’re so clever and imaginative. Every single one of those magazine covers is a keeper – and I really liked the photo in the blog header, too. Bob, I had aspirations of becoming the President of Buddy’s Fan Club, but I will graciously put them aside because, obviously and without a doubt, the title belongs to you. Thanks to all for a true day brightener!

    • Oh my! Thank you very much, Mary. It was a really fun team effort, but all the credit goes to Bob for his inventive idea of making magazine covers and coming up with such cute titles. I’m tickled we put a smile on your face today!!

  5. Very creative idea! I especially like the second-to-last cover of Buddy mirrored in the water. It’s hard to rationalize that cover until it finally sinks in that the image was rotated 180° so it’s “upside down” . . . nice! It’s always fun to try to see how an image was shopped, and someone as talented as your friend makes it a real challenge.

  6. Well Buddy sure has been hard at work – no easy feat when he’s always with you – maybe he burnt some midnight oil with Bob. You all make quite a team!! 🙂 Keep up the great work!!


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