On the Cover of “Coast to Coast” !!

Phoenix Arizona Cover Story Coast to Coast Magazine Fall 2014

Cover photo: Mark Fagan
Story & photos: Emily & Mark Fagan
Issue: Fall, 2014

Posted September 26, 2014

The Fall 2014 issue of Coast to Coast Magazine is featuring our photo on the cover as well as our article about RV travel to Phoenix, Arizona.

One evening, while camped on the outskirts of Phoenix, we were witness to an exquisite sunset with brilliant pink rays bursting upwards in a spray of light.

We both leaped out of our buggy and ran around like crazy people getting lots of stunning photos.  The one appearing on the cover of this month’s magazine is Mark’s, and we’re thrilled to announce it is his first magazine cover shot. Yay!!

Phoenix is a huge city that is inundated with snowbirds each winter, and RVers flock there with all the rest.

Despite its massive urban sprawl, it is a city that embraces the outdoors, and this article takes you on “A Walk on the Wild Side of Phoenix,” visiting the places where nature reins supreme.

Click this link to see all of our RV travels in Arizona from 2007 to 2014.  The section labeled “Central & Southern Arizona” is actually all from Phoenix and the surrounding areas except the bottom two posts which are from Southern Arizona (where we hope to spend more time this coming winter).

Coast to Coast Magazine (a part of the Good Sam Club RV organization) is a high end RV resort membership program, and this article is appearing in their magazine.

The way the Coast to Coast membership works is you buy into the program with a substantial down payment (several thousand dollars), and pay annual fees to maintain the RV parks that are in the network (several hundred dollars), but your overnight stays are free (or nearly free).  For folks that like well-appointed parks and don’t mind planning and reserving their camping sites several months in advance, this is a great program.

There are quite a few RV resort membership programs like Coast to Coast, and most of them have a requirement that you stay outside their network of parks for a certain period of time each month or quarter or year.  So, it is common for RVers to own memberships in several programs, alternating their stays between the different networks.

We have met RV full-timers who absolutely love these programs and wouldn’t travel any other way.  Most resorts reach out to prospective buyers by offering a several night stay in return for a tour and sales presentation, much like a timeshare. We have enjoyed several of these over the years.

The editors of Coast to Coast magazine have been kind enough to allow me to share this month’s article here:

A Walk on the Wild Side of Phoenix, Arizona

To see more of our published work and take a peak at the rest of our dozen magazine cover photos, click here.



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