Press Room – Published Work by Emily & Mark Fagan

We have published over sixty feature articles and fifteen cover photos (with two more scheduled soon) in the major RVing and cruising magazines, including:

Motorhome ・・ Trailer Life ・・ Highways ・・ Coast to Coast ・・ Escapees ・・ RV Journal ・・ RV Life
Cruising World
・・ Sail Magazine ・・ Sailing ・・ Blue Water Sailing ・・ Latitude 38

Below are the magazine cover photos we have published, showing the issue, location and the title of the accompanying feature article (if there was one):

Escapees RV Club Travel Guide 2016 Cover

January 2016
Photo: Phoenix, Arizona

Coast to Coast Magazine Cover Fall 2015

Fall 2015
Photo: Ouray, Colorado
“Colorful Colorado”

Escapees Magazine Cover Sep-Oct 2015

September / October 2015
Photo: Ridgway CO
“RV Travel Photography”









Coast to Coast Magazine Cover Summer 2015

Summer 2015
Photo: Capital Reef Utah
“Driving Amid the Red Rocks”

2015 Escapees Travel Guide

January 2015
Photo: Apache Junction, AZ

Escapees Magazine Cover Jan-Feb 2015-210

Jan/Feb 2015
Photo: Apache Junction, AZ
“Stay the Course”









Phoenix Arizona Cover Story Coast to Coast Magazine Fall 2014

Fall, 2014
Photo: Phoenix Arizona
“A Walk on the Wild Side”

Escapees 2014 Travel Guide 210

January 2014
Photo: La Manzanilla, Mexico

Escapees Magazine Cover Sep/Oct 2013

Sep/Oct 2013
Photo: Flaming Gorge, Utah










Coast to Coast Cover Fall 2013

Fall 2013
Photo: Telluride, Colorado
“Legends of the Fall”

Coast to Coast Magazine Cover Summer 2013

Summer 2013
Photo: Red Canyon, Utah
“Beyond Bryce Canyon”


April, 2013
Photo: Zihuatanejo, Mexico









RV Life Magazine Cover July 2013 Emily Fagan

July 2013
Photo: Flaming Gorge Utah”Chasing Rainbows”


Spring 2012
Photo: Roosevelt Lake AZ
“Everything Under the Sun”


September 2010
Photo: Parowan Utah
“Once Upon a Time in the West”











Summer 2010
Photo: Valley of Fire, NV
“Embers of History”


August 2010
Photo: Sun Valley, ID
“America’s Alps”


Jan/Feb 2009
Photo: Bryce Canyon, Utah









These are all great magazines, and we have been avid subscribers as well as contributors. In case you don’t subscribe or didn’t catch a particular article of ours that interests you, you can read some of them from this page (below).

The articles are grouped by general category and are listed in reverse chronological order. The stories are written by me (Emily) and the photos are both mine and Mark’s.

You can navigate to the different groups of articles using these links:


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Deep in the Heart of West Texas – Trailer Life Magazine, February, 2016
Big Bend National Park has mountains, deserts and rivers as well as ghost towns and a taste of Mexico!

Adventures in Central Arizona – Motorhome Magazine, November, 2015
The hub of central Arizona is Phoenix, but just outside the city lies a treasure trove of natural beauty.

Out Yonder in Oregon – Trailer Life Magazine, October, 2015
Tucked into a far corner of Oregon, the Wallowa Mountains are one of the best kept secrets in the West.

Finding the COLOR in Colorado – Coast to Coast Magazine, Fall, 2015
An autumn RV trip to the adorable mountain towns of Ouray and Silverton, Colorado, makes for a stunning immersion in fall colors.

Under the Idaho Sun – Trailer Life Magazine, August, 2015
Sun Valley Idaho is an RVers paradise with camping galore and free concerts, gallery walks and performances everyday.

Grand Teton National Park – Motorhome Magazine, August, 2015
Grand Teton National Park is flanked by a jaw-dropping mountain range, but there are dozens of hidden treasures too.

Driving between the Red Rocks: A Utah Roadtrip – Coast to Coast Magazine, Summer, 2015
Driving the spectacular Bicentennial Highway through Glen Canyon to Natural Bridges Nat’l Monument and Capitol Reef Nat’l Park.

The Sunny Side of Oregon – Trailer Life Magazine, May, 2015
From Crater Lake to the Deschutes, McKenzie and Crooked Rivers, we discover the beauty of Central Oregon.

Arizona’s Red Rock Country – Trailer Life Magazine, December, 2014
Hiking, biking and thrill seeking amid the red rocks of artsy Sedona Arizona.

A Walk on the Wild Side in Phoenix Arizona – Coast to Coast Magazine, Fall 2014
Beyond the urban sprawl of Phoenix, Arizona, is a world teeming with natural beauty on lovely waterways and hiking trails.

Montana’s Ghost Towns! – Trailer Life, August, 2014
Montana’s Gold Rush was not as famous as the one in California, but the ghost towns are just as fascinating.

Enchanting Ensenada – Escapees Magazine, Nov/Dec 2013
Ensenada is a fabulous destination by RV or boat, and makes a perfect introduction to travel in Mexico.

Legends of the Fall – Coast-to-Coast, Fall 2013
The red rocks of Colorado National Monument and the fall foliage on the San Juan Mountains are kaleidescopic.

Dinosaurs and Much Much More – RV Life, September 2013
From fossilized dinosaur bones to ancient petroglyphs, Dinosaur National Monument is magnificent!

Flaming Gorge – Red Rocks, Aquamarine Water & Rainbows! – Trailer Life, August 2013
A rainbow-filled visit to the stunning cliffs, river and dam at Utah’s Flaming Gorge.

Chasing Rainbows in Flaming Gorge – RV Life, July 2013
The sweeping views, brilliant red rocks and friendly animals make Flaming Gorge perfect for the whole family.

Beyond Bryce Canyon – Coast-to-Coast, Summer 2013
Some of the best of Utah lies between the more famous National Parks at Bryce and Zion.

Everything Under the Sun – Coast-to-Coast Magazine, Spring, 2012
We visit two desert lakes near Phoenix Arizona, deep in the heart of the cactus-studded Tonto National Forest.

Summer Fun in Sun Valley – RV Journal – Summer, 2011
From free outdoor concerts to scenic bike paths to towering mountains to history and luxury, this town has it all.

Roads Back in Time – Highways Magazine – October, 2010
A trip down memory lane at the unique RV/MH Hall of Fame museum in Elkhart, Indiana.

Once Upon a Time in the West – Highways Magazine – September, 2010
Two wonderful small town Labor Day celebrations: a rodeo in Helmville, Montana and a fair in Parowan, Utah.

America’s Alps – Highways Magazine – August, 2010
Sun Valley Idaho has something for everyone: soaring mountains, glitz & glam, cute bistros and an unusual history.

Embers of History – Coast-to-Coast Magazine – Summer, 2010
Valley of Fire State Park outside Las Vegas, Nevada, offers up red rock vistas and geological and human history.

Amish Heritage Trail – Escapees Magazine – May/June, 2010
Describes the intriguing self-guided CD-based tour you can take through Amish Country in the Elkhart, Indiana area.

Nevada Ranch’s Colorful History – RV Life – April, 2010
Spring Mountain Ranch, outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, is full of history, intrigue and fun surprises.

RV/MH Hall of Fame – Escapees Magazine – March/April, 2010
We visit the unusual RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana:  library, museum, and home of kudos to the RV industry.

RV-Friendly Casinos – Escapees Magazine – November/December, 2009
Casinos offer RVers a lot besides gambling.  From horse racing to a dip in a pool, our favorite casinos are here.

Yuma’s Hidden Treasures – RV Life – November, 2009
Take a visit to the Yuma Territorial State Prison, explore the Old Town, and see a colorful balloon festival.

Reliving the Wild West – RV Life – September, 2009
Tiny Pioche, Nevada, was the wildest of the west’s wild towns, with the most murders and one really tough jail.

Where Animals Find Friends – RV Life – August, 2009
We visit the unique Best Friends Animal Sanctuary near Kanab, Utah, a beautiful & extremely well-funded sanctuary.

Land of Goblins – Escapees Magazine – September/October, 2008
Goblin Valley is a fantastic Utah state park full of red rock hoodoos.  Nearby is an easy & exciting slot canyon hike.


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Diesel Engine Tuners – Escapees Magazine, Mar/Apr 2016
Diesel engine tuners truly put the driver in the driver’s seat of the truck! Here’s a look at how they work.

RV Batteries: The Heart of the RV Power Plant – Escapees Magazine, Jan/Feb 2016
Hints for what to look for in RV house batteries (wet cell vs. AGM) and how best to wire them.

RV Solar Power: The Installation Process – Escapees Magazine, Nov/Dec 2015
Tips and tricks for installing solar panels on an RV roof and a solar charge controller in teh basement.

Winterizing Your Screen Door – Trailer Life Magazine, November, 2015
If you are planning on winter camping in your trailer, here’s an easy way to let the sun in and keep the cold out!

Hydraulic Disc Brake Conversion – Escapees Magazine, Jul/Aug, 2015
Upgrading a trailer’s brake system to electric over hydraulic disc brakes makes a radical difference in driving comfort and safety!

RV Solar Power Basics – Escapees Magazine, May/Jun, 2015
RV Solar Power is demystified with an easy-to-understand review of the basic components in a solar power installation.

Making Weight – How Heavy is Your Rig? – Escapees Magazine – Mar/Apr, 2015
Weighing your rig is an important safety measure, and the Smart-Weigh program makes it easy to do.

Installation of a High-Capacity Watermaker – Cruising World Magazine, February, 2015
A step-by-step description of the installation of the lifeblood of our cruise: a 60-gallon-per-hour watermaker.

Installation of a Vent-Free Propane Heater – Escapees Magazine, Nov/Dec 2014
A step-by-step guide to selecting and installing a vent-free propane heater in an RV.

Keep It Clean – Tips for RV Sanitation Systems – Motorhome Magazine, July, 2014
Good Sam Club loved our article in Trailer Life so much (next listing) that they published it in MotorHome too!!

Keep It Clean – Tips for RV Sanitation Systems – Trailer Life, May, 2014
Tips and tricks for maintaining an RV’s holding tanks and recommended procedures for doing the dirty deed at the RV dump station.

Keeping Your RV Roof in Tip-Top Shape! – Trailer Life, September 2013
RV rubber roofs and fiberglass roofs each require special care to stay in good condition and remain watertight.

Boondocking: The Essential Ingredients – Escapees Magazine – January/February, 2012
Describes the tools and attitude necessary for an independent life of boondocking, or living “off the grid,” in an RV.

Shrink-Wrap Your Screen Door – Escapees Magazine – September/October, 2010
A step-by-step guide to shrink-wrapping your RV’s screen door for wintertime use.

Install Your Own Vent-free Propane Heater – Escapees Magazine – September/October, 2009
Instructions for installing a vent-free propane heater.  These heaters are superior to the furnaces installed in most RVs.

Punching Numbers – Escapees Magazine – May/June, 2009
A review of what it costs to go RVing full-time.

Shedding Light on Solar – Escapees Magazine – March/April, 2009
A presentation of the two solar power configurations we have had on our two trailers.


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Huatulco Mexico – In our Hearts Forever!Sailing Magazine, February, 2014 (website link only)
The Bays of Huatulco sparkle like jewels on the southern Pacific shores of Mexico and offer the best cruising in Mexico.

A Colorful Christmas in ZihuatanejoBlue Water Sailing, December, 2012
What could be better than Christmas in colorful, vibrant “Z-town” where the sun is bright and the setting tropical.

Baja “Aha” – Cruising World Magazine, Sep 2012
Our maiden sail down the Pacific coast of Baja from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas was full of beginner’s luck.

Mexico’s Costa Alegre – Blue Water Sailing, Apr 2012
The “Gold Coast” of Mexico is a collection of 10 or so unique and special anchorages on the Pacific coast.

Bewitching Baja – Sailing Magazine, March, 2012 (website link only)
A literary cruise through the Sea with flashbacks to John Steinbeck’s vivid and hilarious book, Log from the Sea of Cortez

Wild Winds of the West – Sail Magazine, March, 2012
Describes the thrills awaiting charterers in the Sea of Cortez. Editors refer to Groovy as a “charter boat.” What next?


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What is it Like to RV Full-time? – At Home on the Road – Motorhome Magazine, January, 2016
RVing full-time sounds like a dream, but the transition can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for how to get from here to there!

Getting The Most From Your Travel Photography – Escapees Magazine, Sep/Oct, 2015
What makes a great photo? Here’s some hints and tips for putting some zing in your travel photography?

Stay the Course – Escapees Magazine, Jan/Feb 2015
Inspiration for future full-timers who are overwhelmed by the challenges of starting a new and exotic life on the road.

A Full-time RVer’s Metamorphosis – Escapees Magazine, Sep/Oct 2014
An interview with two special Escapees members who have lived and worked in their RV full-time for 26 years.

Taking Your RV into the Mountains– Escapees Magazine, July/August 2013
Some hints and tips for taking a big rig into the mountains.

Pacing Your RV Travels – Escapees Magazine, May/June 2013
Finding a theme to guide your travels, and moving along at the right pace, keeps full-time travel exciting.

First Timer’s Guide to Mexico – Latitude 38 (Baja Ha-Ha Cruiser’s Rally) – September, 2012
A cruising guide full of tips for cruisers making their first voyage to Mexico: weather, navigation, provisioning, internet access, etc.

Life Afloat and On the Road – Escapees Magazine – September/October, 2012
Part II – What’s similar and what’s different about boondocking in an RV in the US versus anchoring out in a sailboat in Mexico?

RVing by Land and by Sea – Escapees Magazine – July/August, 2012
Part I – Written at the request of Escapees Magazine, this is a comparison of the full-time RVing and cruising lifestyles.

Leasing Your House – Escapees Magazine – May/June, 2012
A summary of the things we’ve learned to help us be both happy and profitable landlords.

Heart of a Dream – Escapees Magazine – January/February, 2011
An exploration of what this business of “Living the Dream” is all about and what its origins were for us.

A Mexican Crown – Escapee Magazine – January/February, 2010
We go south of the border from Yuma, AZ so Mark can get a new crown from a terrific Mexican dentist.

Upcoming Articles

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These articles have been assigned and/or accepted for publication.  The titles shown here are my own.  Magazine editors often come up with catchier titles.  The links go to the magazine web pages and will be replaced with links to the published articles some time after publication.  Subscribe to these magazines and enjoy these articles as they are published!

Adventures in the Smokies – Trailer Life Magazine, May, 2016
A visit to North Carolina’s Great Smoky National Park and the southern part of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Florida’s Northern Gulf Coast – Motorhome Magazine, July, 2016
The Northern Gulf Coast of Florida is often overlooked in favor of more famous southern spots, but it has a lot to offer

Buying a Truck for Heavy Duty Towing – Trailer Life Magazine, Summer, 2016
Care and feeding of RV batteries and how best to upgrade to the next level.

Sweet Sarasota Florida – Trailer Life Magazine, Spring, 2016
Sarasota Florida is a beach lover’s paradise, with sugar sand beaches and turquoise water. But there’s lots of high culture too…

Cruising on Solar Power – Cruising World Magazine, Spring, 2016
How to design and install a solar power system on a sailboat that is robust enough for anchoring out all the time.

Georgia’s Antebellum Trail – Trailer Life Magazine, Spring, 2016
The South is known for hospitality, and a wonderful glimpse of the gentility of yesteryear is best seen on the Antebellum Trail

A Roadtrip through Eastern Oregon – Coast to Coast Magazine, Summer, 2016
From the rivers east of Bend to the snowcapped peaks of the Wallowa Mountains, eastern Oregon is a little known paradise.

Acadia National Park – Motorhome Magazine, Summer, 2016
From craggy shores to sweet harbors to Rockefeller’s network of “Carriage Roads,” Acadia National Park rocks!

An Interview with kay Peterson – Escapees Magazine, Jul/Aug 2016
Kay Peterson and her husband Joe founded the unique Escapees RV Club. Her story is a thrill and an inspiration.

Off the Beaten Path in Downeast Maine – Trailer Life Magazine, Summer, 2016
Few people venture to the far northeast corner of America, but the seaside villages and local color are not to be missed!

The Mt. Washington Cog Railway – Trailer Life Magazine, Summer, 2016
We take a trip up Mt. Washington on the historic and unique Cog Railway to the Weather Station up top.

Step-by-step installation of the B&W Companion Hitch – Trailer Life Magazine, August, 2016
We take a trip up Mt. Washington on the historic and unique Cog Railway to the Weather Station up top.

Wild and Free on the Cabot Trail – Motorhome Magazine, Summer, 2016
Following Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island we see stunning seascapes and cute harbors.

Nova Scotia’s Charming South Shore – Trailer Life Magazine, Summer, 2016
Coastal travels from the pretty lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove to picturesque Lunenburg and Mahone Bay.

Rural Tranquility in New York’s Finger Lakes – Motorhome Magazine, Summer, 2016
We explore a lesser known Amish community and enjoy some wine tasting between Amish farm outings.

Mexico’s Sweet Costalegre – Sailing Magazine
In between the more popular anchorages on Mexico’s mainland coast we discovered some gorgeous hidden coves.

Profiles About Us

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Podcast Interview (46 minutes) — Keep Your Daydream, June 2015
Keep Your Daydream adventure travel podcast interviewed us to learn how we launched our travel dream and how we keep it going.

Quitting Life to Hit the Road in an RV — Yahoo Travel, February 2015
Yahoo Travel feature story about us and other RVers who left convention behind to live in an RV full-time.

Blog Review of Roads Less Traveled – Belinda Hughes Writing and Travel Blog, July, 2014
Writer, blogger and future RVer gave this blog a glowing review in her debut post in a series of blog reviews.

Sailing Groovy on Kyocera Solar Power – Kyocera Solar Power Website, June, 2013
Solar panel manufacturer Kyocera Solar featured our sailboat Groovy‘s solar power installation on their website.

Solar Power Installation on Sailboat “Groovy” – Clean Technica, May, 2013
CleanTechnica featured a story about our marine solar power installation aboard our sailboat Groovy.

Solar Sailboat Shows How “Groovy” Off-Grid Life Can Be – EartTechling, May, 2013
EarthTechling featured a story about our off-the-grid lifestyle, powered by solar, aboard our sailboat Groovy.

Fun with the Fagans – Highways Magazine – April/May, 2012
The good folks at Good Sam Club published a brief story about our unusual land and sea traveling lifestyle.

Changes in Latitude – Latitude 38 Magazine – March, 2012
The West Coast’s most popular sailing magazine checked in with us in Acapulco, Mexico

RVing Magazine Links

Coast-to-Coast Magazine
This is the membership magazine for the Coast Resorts RVing organization.  Coast Resorts is a network of upscale RV parks that are available to members at a discounted price, and the magazine covers a full range of RVing topics for its members.

Escapees Magazine
This is the membership magazine for the Escapees RV Club, a club focused on the RV lifestyle, especially for long-term and full-time travelers.  Articles cover topics that are unique to living in an RV for an extended period of time as well as destinations that are worthy of a stop.

Highways Magazine
This is the official magazine for the Good Sam Club.  It is chock full of RV tech tips, previews of upcoming Good Sam events, RV equipment reviews and RV destination recommendations.

MotorHome Magazine
Part of the Good Sam family, this magazine is dedicated to driveable RVs, that is, Class A’s, B’s and C’s, and is filled with motorhome tech tips and great RV destination stories.

RV Journal
This excellent free magazine can be found in Camping World, RV parks and other RV-related places of business in the western states.  It focuses on happenings in the West that could inspire an RVing voyage to a particular destination, from musical events to festivals to country fairs.

RV Life Magazine
This wonderful, over-sized magazine is one of the oldest regional RV magazines.  It includes excellent destination articles and interesting news pieces about the RV industry.

Trailer Life Magazine
Part of the Good Sam family, this magazine is dedicated to towable RVs, and has tips for both tow vehicles (trucks) and trailers as well as the hitches that go in between.  The destination stories also offer inspiring ideas for the bucket list.

Cruising Magazine Links

Blue Water Sailing Magazine
Started in 1997, this delightful cruising-specific magazine is written by cruisers for cruisers with an emphasis on taking your own boat to exotic destinations.

Cruising World Magazine
This classic American sailing magazine has been spawning cruising dreams for decades.  Articles are split evenly between stories about all aspects of living aboard and cruising and stories about chartering both domestically and in foreign waters.  Cruising World is available in a Kindle edition as well, including iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android platforms.

Latitude 38
The west coast’s most popular sailing magazine is known for its lively letters to the editor and for keeping tabs on west coast cruisers all over the world.  The tone is fun, a bit sassy and sometimes irreverent, but the information is invaluable for cruisers, especially those heading to Mexico.

Sail Magazine
A widely read magazine that covers all aspects of sailing from tips and tricks for beginners to hot charter destinations to technical discussions of boat systems to world cruising explorations by sailboat.  From old salt to beginning sailor, there is something in this magazine for everyone.

Sailing Magazine
This is an over-sized and beautiful glossy magazine that prides itself on fine writing and dramatic photography.  Founded in 1966, I remember issues of this magazine lying on our coffee table when I was a child, fueling my father’s dreams of a circumnavigation (which, sadly, never came to pass).

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