Travel inspiration for you – from our RV and sailboat!

Mark and Emily Fagan with sailboat Groovy

With our floating home, Groovy

Do you dream of hitting the road in an RV, or sailing off over the horizon in a boat? We’ve been there…and we’re doing that! Read on, and escape with us!!

We are Mark and Emily Fagan, avid travelers and adventurers. We left our old, conventional lifestyle behind in 2007, and have been touring by RV and sailboat ever since.

RV boondocking in Flaming Gorge Utah

A rainbow over our rig in Flaming Gorge, Utah


We love traveling full-time with our own home in tow, whether it is our cherished sailboat named Groovy or our beloved “buggy” which is a fifth wheel trailer.

Fifth wheel trailer boondocked in Sun Valley

“Boondocked” in Sun Valley, Idaho

This blog is both a photo-journal for sharing our adventures in these rolling and floating homes and our way of passing on the things we have learned about these unusual lifestyles.

Anchored out in Agua Verde, Sea of Cortez

The anchorage in Agua Verde, Sea of Cortez

If you are researching the RV or cruising lifestyle (or both!), there are lots of pages devoted to the many things we have discovered about RVs, sailing, boats, living aboard, living abroad, and the RV lifestyle!

RVing in Bitterroot Montana at Big hole

Views from Montana’s Bitterroot Valley

Inside Morelia Mexico cathedral

Inside a cathedral in Morelia, Mexico

Hunter 44DS cruising sailboat Groovy

Groovy in the Sea of Cortez

Whether you are looking for exciting travel destinations or a bit of escapist reading, our goal is to inspire you to get out and go — or at least to lift your spirits for a few moments with a fun travel tale or two from the road.






Our story in a nutshell

We began this life evolution in May, 2007, criss-crossing the US, first in a 27′ travel trailer and then in a 36′ fifth wheel.

RV lifestyle views from Flaming Gorge Utah

Taking in the views at Flaming Gorge, Utah

In January, 2010, we took our travels to the sea, and for the next 3.5 years we cruised our 44′ sailboat Groovy up and down the entire Pacific coast of Mexico, from the US border to the Guatemala border, visiting almost every port in between, including the Sea of Cortez.

Red Canyon cover shot with RV

Red Canyon, Utah


Photography is central to our traveling lifestyle

Taking pics from the deck of our boat

In January, 2014, after two brief RV journeys during the summers of 2011 and 2012 (when we left our boat in Mexico for hurricane season), we said goodbye to our beautiful sailboat Groovy for the last time, and returned to the RV lifestyle full-time.

Sailboat in Santiago Sunrise Mexico

Sunrise in Santiago Bay, Mexico


Published Works

During the course of our travels, we have discovered and nurtured a deep love of photography and writing.

We have published over 50 feature articles in the major RVing and Sailing magazines, we’ve created a video guide series for cruising Mexico, and many of our photos have appeared on magazine covers.

Mark photographs Arizona with tripod

Photography has become our passion

Our special lifestyle has caught the attention of media outlets and industry leaders, and both we and our moveable homes have been profiled by the likes of Highways Magazine, Scientific American, Latitude 38 and Kyocera Solar Power.

Winter RVing Arizona Sunset

A classic Arizona sunset

River Reflection at Rio Verde

Rio Verde in Arizona

Hummingbird at our RV bird feeder

A hummingbird visits us in our rig

Living Off the Grid – How to RV & Cruise Frugally

Throughout our travels we have lived almost entirely off the grid.

In our RV life we like to “boondock,” that is, camp independently on America’s gorgeous public lands, away from campgrounds and RV parks.

Fifth wheel RV at sunrise

Fire lights the sky over our trailer in the Arizona desert

In our sailing life we “anchored out” in bays and coves rather than staying in marinas.

To date, we have spent over 1,000 nights boondocking and over 750 nights living aboard at anchor!

Parrots near yacht marina in Huatulco Mexico

Wild parrots in Huatulco, Mexico

These unique lifestyles have taught us a lot about how to live simply and frugally, without “hookups” to power or water, and loads of pages on this site are dedicated to sharing our tips and tricks for living this way.

Guanajuato Alley seen on our cruise

We visited spectacular Guanajuato, Mexico, during our cruise

Bryce Canyon rock pinnacles

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Mark at Natural Bridges National Monument Utah in our RV travels

Natural Bridges, Utah









Temple of Inscriptions Palenque was a highlight of our sailing cruise

We visited Mayan ruins in Palenque, Mexico, during our cruise

Where did we get the name for this blog?

We have found in our journeys that we are always wandering off the well-worn paths of other travelers.

So, years ago, when a friend sent me a heartfelt email referencing Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken after he read my post about why we are pursuing this travel dream, it seemed the poet’s sentiments matched the theme we wanted to express.

The final lines of that famous poem, written so long ago, ring true for us today:

Two roads diverged in a wood
And I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference.

Navigating Our Website

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Below are our most recent posts. Our “Travel Stories” are a travelogue of illustrated adventure tales, and our “Other Posts” include announcements, tips, and insights into this crazy life on the road.

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RVers Mark and Emily at Colorado National Monument

Colorado National Monument

Above all we hope you get out and GO!!

We fanned the flames of our travel dreams by following the stories of others. We hope in the same way to light the path for you.

Before you know it, you’ll be running off to a life of adventure too!! There’s a wonderful world waiting for you to explore.

Have a look around, enjoy our blog, feel free to SUBSCRIBE and happy travels!!

– Emily and Mark

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